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Hi all,


 The LCD screen on my 2006 Smart Fortwo CDI is completely shot. I cant read anything on it but can sometimes faintly see the fuel bars. I was thinking I might try to swap out the LCD screen only with a spare but then got to thinking about swapping the entire instrument cluster.


 I realize they are supposed to be re-programmed after swapping but I am wondering what, if anything still works on the instrument cluster after swapping before being re-programmed? I dont want to spend the money on a reprogram if everything works except for the OD which ive never had anyways. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.



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On 8/27/2020 at 8:44 PM, stickman007 said:

I think evilution has a page on cloning the cluster. Might want to give that a go. Good luck!




 I swapped instrument clusters. After plugging in the new cluster I could see the OD. Once started up, I cannot see OD anymore, it shows up as a bunch of dashes ------- but everything else on the cluster worked as needed including trip km's/miles. After the car sits off for a certain amount of time it displays OD again. So the only thing you loose swapping a cluster is the OD reading while the car is on. Don't worry though as the OD continues to increase with kilometers driven and will display accurately once the car is off for a few minutes or so.


I haven't had any other issues from the cluster swap. My initial issue with my cluster was that nothing on the display would show, sometimes id get little pieces here and there. Turns out about 4-5 wires on the ribbon cable connecting the LCD to the circuit board were burnt or at least burnt in color.


I was going to just swap LCD panels but the ribbon cable won't let that happen.

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