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A smart fairy tale

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Once upon a time, there was a black and blue smart named 'Bruised'.  He was foot loose and fancy free.

Smart (Bruised) under a tree.jpg


Then he met the sultry Cabrio whose stage-name was 'Silverwing'.  She was sunbathing topless in the park when he noticed her.


Silverwing resized.jpg 

As time went by and they grew closer, they got married and spent the honeymoon under Bruised's favourite tree.


Smarts under a tree.jpg


As more time went by, the pair finally had the Bruised twins.  The photo below shows the proud papa with the twins, Hansel and Gretel.


Bruised babies.jpg


And they lived happily ever after

- THE END -    



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My original 450 was also blue/black, and although it was not the car I originally ordered, it grew to be my favourite colour combo. I sold it to a friend, and he sold it on, and I don't know where my little guy ended up. If you ever see a black and blue 450 coupe with the sliding sunroof, it might be my old one.

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