Drive Sys, Engine Off. Won't start

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This problem has cropped up again after not doing it for a couple of years. Typically, it happens when I disconnect the level 2 charge cable after charging. This time I had charged it from 30% to 80%. As soon as I disconnect and turn the key on to leave it gives me the "Drive Sys. Engine Off" on the display and it won't start.

It has also did this after a half hour drive after shutting in off and going into a store for 15 min in the evening.  I waited 45 min for it to start and it didn't so I had to leave it and walk home; i live close. It started the next morning. I brought it to Mercedes a couple of years ago for this exact problem and they had no idea! It was out of warranty at that time.  When it was doing this a couple of years ago I found out it would usually be ok it I turned on the key before unplugging. It was also doing it with my 110 volt cable.


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I have had that problem before and it shows a different warning and I had this problem before with a brand new 12v battery replaced by MB. I will check my 12v soon

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