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9 hours ago, MikeT said:

I think Kane may have got the idea from someone who cribbed the info on his site when it was free, created a CD-ROM, and was marketing it on eBay with some success. I think it may have been around the same time, but I could be wrong, that the deep content on his site became paywalled. 

And there you have it.....someone trying to do a good thing, by offering the information for free only to get it stolen so to speak and that person making money from it, and we wonder why he now has a small asking donation for the deep useful information...?

I personally do not see an issue with the smallest amount asked....but yes when some sites ask larger amounts for their information etc, then I have issue with paying.  
BUT.....when was the last time you got useful information from a dealership or shop that allowed you to do them out of money or work?  It is the same sort of thing imho.  He had to collect, create and maintain this library of information, that takes time and skill etc.....again, wouldn't you get slightly upset if someone stole your hard earned work and marketed it ....?

We can't always get things for free......even in today's world of the the take take take mentality .....of today's world.   

I'm always open to helping fellow owners etc but there is a limit, then it becomes work, and work should be paid for.

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On ‎1‎/‎9‎/‎2023 at 11:21 AM, Triguy58 said:

It will not allow me to load a picture on here for some reason 


Perhaps the picture size is too big.  Can you tell me the size (height and width in pixels) of the file photo that you were trying to post?


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