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I have a 2005 W450 CDI and the mechanic tells me the intercooler is leaking and needs replacing. I have searched EPC online and have not been able to find this part number. Some web searching indicates that the correct number is 000 2490 V007. I have found this part for sale in Canada for around $400. If I search the number on ebay I find examples for sale under $150, but these bear the part number 000 2490 V005. What is the difference? I found one older forum post indicating that the last digit 5 through 7 will work but I'd like to know what I'm giving up for such a big discount



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First, welcome to the site and club.....


OK, there is the leak in the inter cooler?  Do some research here and on other Smart Car sites and see how they can be repaired for under $15 if it's not too bad and you wish to spend the time to do the work. JB weld will fix a small leak if you clean the intercooler well and apply many thin layers of the liquid style JBweld not the very thick kind that looks like a sausage that you need to massage the two types of material to get it ready to apply. You need to use the flowing type so it can get to all areas that may need repairing.  Yes it is time consuming and messy, but it does work. Some do not like this method but it works if you take your time.  Research it on this site and see..?
The other way is to simply buy a secondhand unit off ebay or off another member of this site.....some of use have spare cars that we part out. You are close to IZZY, Stickman007 is what he goes by on the site. I know he has many cars at the moment and he may have an intercooler for sale...?  PM him and see. He is a great guy and also a Smart GURU so to speak.

I hope this helps.....

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