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Good afternoon all, I hope you are well.


Yesterday our roof glass just blew up while we were driving in the motorway. I read it can happens on 450 models and was a big surprise for me. The question now is I need to replace that glass and I'm afraid if I put glass same is going to happen in the future. As this happened to you? Would you put glass again or just straight the hard roof? Also do you guys have any recommendations for places where I can do this? Or is something that I can sort by myself? Thank you all in Advance! 


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The "dumpster lid" plastic roof would be safer!

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I have a spare glass roof ready for this exact issue.!!!
You can simply cut the sealant around the glass roof and replace it with the same simply by using the same windshield black adhesive. OR as Mike has suggested get a used solid roof from a wrecker and glue it in place of the glass roof.  OR, you can replace the glass roof with glass and afterwards add a few layers of thick clear vinyl wrap on the first 12 inches of the glass to stop another stone catching the edge of the glass and shattering it too.  That is usually what causes this from what i have read.
It isn't that hard to do this but I bet a shop will charge you plenty....?????
You have the hard part done already....removing the glass roof ready to cut the adhesive, normally you must take the entire roof panel system down to be able to cut the glass out without ruining everything. After that's cut out then just a clean up , paint repair if you scratched the paint, then stick the new roof down.  

I have only been in one none glass roof Smart and it felt very enclosed compared to being able to see the sky if you wanted to.
Just something to think about. as this issue is rare.

Good luck.  

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