2011 will not start

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I'm a bit stumped on this one and am not sure where to turn to next other than a commercial shop.


The victim is a 2011 with approximately 178,000km on it.

On a recent attempt to start it, it fired once or twice then immediately stalled.  Attempts to re-start it have been unsuccessful ever since.

There are no stored error codes.  A borescope in the oil filler hole shows that cam chain tension appears to be good and both cams are rotating normally when cranking.  I've verified that it has spark, fuel pressure measured at the rail is ~42psi when priming and cranking, and all three injectors will spray fuel during cranking.


Any and all advice is appreciated!





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Timing out...?

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On 2024-06-08 at 11:26 AM, Willys said:

Timing out...?

Possibly.  How to check is a mystery for me at the moment, one can't connect an imductive timing strobe to a coil-on-plug system.  :) That would also suggest a cam or crank position sensor failure however either should throw an error code and there are none.


Compression failure is another possibility, but on all three cylinders at once? That will be heartbreaking if it is so.


On 2024-06-08 at 0:18 PM, Mjolinor said:

What are you reading the fault codes with?

OBDLink MX+ and its supporting app so far.

I have one of those proprietary interfaces and the associated software (can't recall either's name ATM) somewhere, it may be time to dust it off.

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