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BMW 320Cd Convertible

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The new BMW 320Cd Convertible

Economy, driving dynamics, and the wonderful thrill of driving in the open air - all this is taking on a new dimension in the guise of the BMW 320Cd Convertible. Indeed, BMW's first-ever diesel-powered convertible is a particularly good example of how elegance, sportiness and efficiency may be combined in perfect harmony.

Smooth and quiet, the four-cylinder power unit is a perfect match for the BMW 3 Series Convertible, offering typical BMW fortes such as efficient dynamics and superior comfort in a most impressive manner: With its two balance shafts, this modern diesel excels through its supreme refinement, harmonious power, and fast acceleration from low engine speeds.

Representing the latest state-of-the-art in engine construction, the power unit develops maximum output of 110 kW/150 bhp and maximum torque of 330 Nm/243 lb-ft.

BMW's two-litre diesel has already achieved great success in other models in the BMW 3 Series, accounting for 80 per cent of all BMW 3 Series sold in some markets such as France.

The drivetrain as such has been carried over from the 320Cd Coup? and modified for the BMW 3 Series Convertible. The differences lie in engine management as well as the drivetrain itself with a 'shorter' final drive and an exhaust system tailored to the Convertible. The chassis and suspension have also been converted appropriately.

The 16-valve power unit develops maximum output of 110 kW/150 bhp at 4,000 rpm, giving this elegant four-seater a top speed of 211 km/h or 131 mph. Supreme driving pleasure is also ensured by the harmonious surge of power and the bullish torque of the direct-injection engine developing 295 Nm or 217 lb-ft at just 1,500 rpm before reaching its maximum torque of 330 Nm/243 lb-ft at 2,000 rpm.

The enthusiast opting for a sporting style of motoring in this new Convertible will certainly enjoy life in this car, the 320Cd Convertible reaching 100 km/h in just 9.7 seconds. And the interim sprint in, say, 4th gear from 80?120 km/h (50-75 mph) is even more impressive, taking just 7.5 seconds.

Fitted as standard, the six-speed manual gearbox comes with short and sporting gear ratios for a particularly dynamic or, alternatively, a very relaxed and laid-back style of motoring in this elegant Convertible. Top speed comes in sixth gear.

Regardless of whether the driver is driving with the roof down or closed, diesel combustion noise is reduced to a minimum, thus creating the acoustic impression of a petrol engine under virtually all driving conditions.

The dynamic performance offered by this high-tech power unit in the open-air 3 Series is only one of the engine's benefits. Because despite this remarkable performance, the new BMW Convertible is also very economical, consuming just 6.3 litres/100 km of diesel fuel in the composite EU cycle (44.8 mpg Imp) and thus offering a cruising range on one tank of up to 1,000 kilometres or 620 miles.

Benefitting from modifications within the engine, the 320Cd Convertible outperforms the EU4 emission standard even without a particle filter.

BMW's 320Cd and 330Cd Coup?s have already proven that a modern diesel power unit can also be successful in vehicle segments previously the stronghold of the petrol engine: Demand for such dynamic but at the same time very economical cars has increased significantly in recent years. Particularly in Western Europe, the share of diesels in the new car market is continuing to grow - which is precisely why BMW is offering a diesel-powered convertible for the first time in the history of the Company. The 320Cd Convertible is in fact intended exclusively for European markets and will be introduced at the beginning of the new open-air season in spring 2005.

Apart from classic convertible countries such as Germany and Great Britain, countries with a large share of diesel models such as France, Italy, Belgium, and Spain will be the main sales markets.


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