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> How The Articles Feature Works! , Finally, the 'static' content we've been talking about
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Its taken a long time, but I think we Finally have the ability to get that "static" content published that we've been talking about for a long time - and this is how... with the new "Articles" system!

In a nutshell...

Certain members apply to be "Articles Authors", which is the only user group that has access to create/edit/delete articles (besides the Administrators).

All Members can now create articles - if this is abused we will restrict so us your new found powers wisely! smile.gif Cameron

As an Author, you volunteer your time by scrounging the forums for the best of the best content that is better served in a static format, free from the clutter typical of a discussion forum. You can also create their own original content so long as it serves the interests of our community.

Articles should be organized in a well-though-out, organized, and consistent manner. For example, all How-Tos should have a similar look and feel to them, should be easy to follow, and should be complete and concise.

The Articles section will be organized into Categories (How tos, Facts & Figures, etc) and each of those categories can be linked to a section of the forums. Whenever a new article is published, and associated discussion is automatically started in the forums so people can provide feedback and discuss the article without cluttering up the article itself! Neat, huh?

Some types of content that we might eventually put in here: How tos (of course), Smart Facts & Figures, Part Number lists, Recall/Service Bulletin information, etc. As well, if there are Members that can contribute "series" - periodical articles with a theme - they may provide some good reading!

Of course, this has JUST been set up, so right now is nothing more than an empty book, if you will, waiting for volunteers to fill its pages!

- Steven

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