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Full Version: engine oil become black very much KM staying cle
Club smart Car > Technical Discussions > Operation and Maintenance: 450 Model, 2005-2006, diesel
i`m a new smart owner, and plan to do engine oil change myself...
done it ounce yet... OK. even take care to flush it ounce with new oil
and wast it on the go before putting new filter and 5-40 full synth. in

only few KM ( 200) and it turn black again ?
is this normal ? ( i take care to completely empty old one before refill...)

what is your approx. millage before it turn brown or black again... ?

about 1km, it's a diesel, that's normal
That's correct, it
turns black almost right away.
thanks very much...
i was starting to imagine the worst case !
its my first diesel...

so the flushing i`v done before is useless... ?
i will stop that practice, its not environmemtal friendly anyway !

what is the ideal KM to reach before oil change ?
(i have seen the oil service reminder reset procedure from evilution, will try this... )

we should change the filter at all oil change ? ( i imagine with thath black oil ! )
Change the filter with the oil and reset the indicator and the car will tell you when it is time to change the oil again. Remember it is a smart car. biglaugh.gif It is usually somewhere between 8000 and 10000 Kms depending on your driving habits.
garry stearns
Speaking of drivng very caaarrefulll when 42Kruiser is on the road! Dangerous....very dangerous! It is like the man is on constant "berry juice".....if you know what I mean. tongue3.gif tongue3.gif

The city where he lives was going to build a dedicated lane on the highway, for him. Then realized he was only a danger to himself!! crackmeup.gif crackmeup.gif

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