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Full Version: Mats Images of the Finale
Club smart Car > Regional Forums > Canada Wide Events and Trip Reports > Club smart Cross Canada Relay / Charity Fundraiser 2007
The images that i took of the run from toronto to prescott to kemptville to ottawa can all be viewed on my smart gallery under the following address. Btw, nice convertible you have Garry wink.gif tomatos.gif
Nice pics smile.gif

Well, the relay ended with a bang this afternoon -- literally. In fact, LOTS of bangs -- 10 smarts plus our police escorts were pelted with gravel and pieces of Garry's roof as it bounced along the highway (his roof, not his car). About 1km from our exit off the 416, we hit a huge patch of gravel that was presumably lost from the back of a truck. I just grabbed my head and gritted my teeth as I listened to the gravel bouncing off my car. We all made it through with our bodies unscathed, but all our cars are damaged -- paint chips, chips in our windows, cracked windshields, and Garry's lost and crumbled roof. SUCKS BIG TIME banghead.gif banghead.gif banghead.gif

Other than that, it was a good day. Met some new smarties and saw lots of familiar smarties, drinks at Brewed Awakenings, BBQ at Star, picked up a couple of bottles of Milligan's courtesy of Glenn, got a quick hug from Estelle (who had her chalk out again!!)...... oh, and got a double-peck from Glenn who's learned the Quebec way to say Hello smile.gif

Thanks to everyone who made the day and the whole relay happen.

Looking forward to getting together with everyone again at the picnic on Friday doublethumb.gif
Yikes, sorry to hear about all the damage. sad.gif Hope you can still enjoy the rest of the festivities!
Garry's new convertible wink.gif
QUOTE (FreepJam)
Garry's new convertible wink.gif

How is that it produced?
And some other pics.....
QUOTE (David_18)
How is that it produced?

Dump pile of gravel on road. smart drives through gravel. Gravel bounces off roof. Roof shatters. Voila, convertible.

Trust me, you want to go with the soft top version, not the DIY version!!
Mike T
Holy smokes that is BAD news! I hope everyone's car recovers....
Oh Man! Sorry to read about your roof Garry and all those other smart cars involved as well. I hope you can find a replacement quickly.

I wonder if those clear plastic films that you can stick to windows would help. The window could still break but at least it would not shatter...keeping a roof over your head.
At least nobody was hurt -- our cars can be fixed, our bodies not always. Garry and his wife were understandably shaken up, but not injured.

It could have been a lot worse -- there were a LOT of cars behind our convoy. If anyone had lost control of their car, it could have been a disaster.

But still, it's depressing that so many of our cars were damaged sad.gif Some were almost brand new. Both our smarts got paint & windshield chips, and our cabrio got a cracked windshield.

*Sigh* And just when we finally got our coupe in to have the A/C and turbo intercooler fixed...... guess the cabrio goes in next for a new windshield......
My sympathy to all the smarties who had their cars damaged. That is so disheartening. I suppose there is no chance of finding the truck that caused it.verysad.gif
Do you have more picture of the Garry's roof ???
Yikes! Sad news about the damaged cars and dampened spirits. sniffle.gif
I'm so relieved that there were no injuries as is often the case with road incidents like that as the domino effect kicks in.
I hope the upcoming picnic is more enjoyable for everybody.
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