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Full Version: Slowly declining fuel economy - what gives?
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Need some advice here! When I first purchased my smart I was getting 4.6 l/100 and lately it's been creeping up all the way to 5.3! I was expecting the number to go down as I broke it in, not up! I checked the tire inflation, the oil level, and put a K&N air filter in too and no improvement.

It's going in for its first A service tomorrow but I don't expect they'll do anything other than change the oil, right?

Does anyone have any suggestions? I saw a reference to a clogged EGR valve somewhere - could that be a possibility?

Thanks all!
Aside from the fact that I would be typically VERY concerned about someone needing to add 1.5 litres of oil at ANY time (as shown in your spritmonitor page ), I would suggest that the colder weather is impacting your consumption to a degree. Apart from that... are you driving the car harder? Faster? Shifting later? Change from hwy commuting to city commuting?

Did you really need to add 1.5 at one time? What level is at on the dipstick 5-10 minutes after shutting the engine off? 2 litres during the first interval is far too high IMO. That would signify a mechanical issue, a poor PDI (low oil level) or that you may have overfilled. On both new smarts I've owned, .5 litre consumption during the first interval appears normal.
The cold weather absolutely kills my car - in the summer I could hit mid to high 3's trying my best, but in the winter, it's consistently high 4's and 5's. The other night I even averaged 6.8 the whole way home from Toronto, the highest I've ever seen it!

The Diesel's like it hot, and I imagine it's getting pretty cold up there in Calgary. sad.gif

Hi and thanks for your comments. Yes, I really did have to add 1.5 litres -it was almost empty, and since then I've topped it up another .5 litre and it's still registering just 1/2 on the dipstick.

My driving style, etc. have not changed other than I think I'm trying to drive MORE economically than before.

I had read on the forum that some smarts eat up oil during their first 5000 k but it's kind of ridiculous that it would empty itself out - twice!

And, yes, I drive until it gets to 80 deg., shut off the engine for 10-15 minutes and then test the level. I have also tested it when it was cold, just to see what the difference was and both readings were dismally low.

I'm sure glad it's service time! I hope they can figure something concrete out for me because this is VERY frustrating!
Thanks, Duck.
It's a bit cool now - hard starting after a day sitting in the work parking lot. I'll try not to panic, even though that's my forte!
Has there been any evidence of oil on the ground. That is way way too much oil consumed. I got my smart used and fully broken in and have never had to add oil between servicing.
Mike T
QUOTE (purelove)
I really did have to add 1.5 litres -it was almost empty, and since then I've topped it up another .5 litre and it's still registering just 1/2 on the dipstick.

How many km between top-ups?

I think, if it's over - say - 2500 km, that is MASSIVE oil consumption (>1L/1000 km), and you ought to have the dealer investigate immediately! It could be a blown turbo, a major oil leak or just a blown engine. Something serious is wrong. The increased fuel consumption could be another symptom of imminent failure of some engine component.

Book it in right away and have them look it over.

My car uses about 0.2 - 0.3 L over 10,000 + km. So I have never had to top it up.
OK - back to panicking! Fortunately, it's at the dealer right now for investigation.

There is never any oil on the ground (or anywhere for that matter) and it seems to go through 1/2 a litre every 2K. The oil wasn't even registering on the dipstick when it hit 5000.

If there's a lemon to buy, I'm always the one to do it!

You wouldn't believe how cursed I am with cars...
Mike T
Half a litre in 2000 km is within tolerances.....I just thought that when you said you had added 2.5 L and it was still not full, that you had a catastrophic situation. Some engines just burn oil, and if it's maybe .25 L/1000 km, that is fine.
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