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Full Version: Carbon Fiber Dash Trim
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If you are a fan of the look of carbon fiber (I sure am) then you will like the little carbon fiber accent that this trim kit gives the smart. While its not overboard it's enough that those who look at the car see it, comment on it and assume that it was a factory addition.

I will be adding more carbon fiber into the interior and while I tried to get a front service flap in carbon it didn't work out as the person who did this piece for me can't get that large of a piece done. But sure there will be a lot of aftermarket parts for that front service flap as it's just crying out to be changed.

These are photo's of the trim that goes around the gauges, I do have a couple other pieces but the caps I haven't been able to install and I don't have the REV/Clock pods. I'll be giving the REV/Clock pod rings away to someone who takes some of the other excess parts off my hands as I don't think its worth trying to sell them.

Some photos of the raw part:

Click to view attachment

Click to view attachment

Here is a photo with the trim installed:

Click to view attachment

The actual install was easy, just pull off the old trim and click back in the new part, probably took 15 seconds, but I took a little longer as really didn't know if I should trust simply pulling at the gauges as would have really hated it if I wrecked the gauges.

I have a few more photos and details on the project car website here:

If you would like any different photos taken or have questions please let me know here and I'll post or send you what you request.
Mike T
"carbon fibre look" I presume, or the real thing? smart sells imitation CF for the 450.
Oh yes sorry its the carbon fiber "look" and with the high gloss clear coat over top its hard to tell.

The guy does work with real carbon fiber but then the fit and finish is really hard to get good on these small parts.

If anyone here can get me carbon front service flap I'd be happy to order one.
Between this and the arm rest, forfiveone is going to cost me a lot of money smile.gif

I have CF in the VUE right now, on the center stack, the shifter surround, around all of the door handles and vents. I love the look of it, so I am thinking about doing this in the smart as well. The CF in my VUE is real (and cost a ton of money, even with my employee discount), but I don't mind the fake stuff if it looks as good as yours does.
Looking pretty good.
looks great..there are vendors selling the carbon fiber film on ebayu if you feel like trying to cover some parts
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