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Full Version: Hope Everyone Is Warm And Safe
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I hope you are all ok after that horrible weather we have been having. This should by rights go out to all in Ontario but the London group seems fitting for a discussion.
I wanted to let everyone know you can email the police and report bad drivers.
You know the one who last Sat. blarred their horn, flashed their lights then passed you swerving into you and cutting you off. While BTW you were doing the speed limit on snow covered roads. Then proceed to pass the next vehicle going up a small hill and almost taking out an on coming car to boot.
Yes that was our situation on Sat. I grabbed my shopping list and wrote down the lisence # so later I decided rather than phoning the cops, i would try the email route. I didn't want to tie up their phone lines during a bad storm. and Yes much to my surprise a very polite officer called back later that day and assured me he would be looking into and giving the driver a warning. Yeah cops, they rock sometimes.
So all you smarties that have been harrassed and bullied, don't take it any more! Let's get the message out,
we are here to stay and we won't take it any more.
Feeling better now
wow that's nice! I wonder if there's an e-mail option here in Vancouver. I know there's a phone-line but I think it's usually for the major highways (like 1 and 99)

Here in Edmonton, there are signs posted through out the city requesting drivers and pedestrians call 9.1.1. to report drunk or overly aggressive drivers.

Some drivers have actually followed and reported on the 'offending' vehicle until the police arrive, surround and apprehend.

One could also keep a camera handy, even your video\camera on your works.
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