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Full Version: Burnt Out Headlights
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I was wondering if anyone else has had a problem with their headlights burning out low beams. I lost one about 2 weeks ago and the other last night. Would a breaker help? Any ideas would greatly be apperciated.
The 450 headlamps were notorious for premature failure. If I remember it right, the first one failed at 6 months and the second just before the first year - both replaced under warranty. The repalcements seemed to last longer.

If you are out of warranty you have to change the bulb by either contorting your arm (if you are skinny) through the access holes, taking the front panel off the vehicle or leaving the job it to the dealer.

Have fun.

These headlights fail at an unacceptable rate. Best to replace with vibration-resistant bulbs.

Osram H7 Px26d Heavy Duty Long Life,
GEH7 ExtraLife E1
Philips LongerLife H7
Yup, I've gone through about 20. I average one bulb per 8000 km.

Mike T
I've managed to hit 90,000 km on two replacement bulbs. Lucky I guess wink.gif
Fred J
Almost 70,000 on O.E.M. bulbs.

Bulb life is a non-issue as far as I'm concerned.

And Yes....they are on all the time as DLR lights as well as headlights.
They have changed the warranty on the bulbs to 40,000 KM now. Both of mine died at the same time last month.
Mercedes has admitted there is a problem on the Smart as well as several other models the service advisor said.
They replaced both and I was gone in 15 Minutes for No Charge. I was at 22,000 KM so it was over the
20,000 limit that they used to cover
Oh heck, why didn't I check here before doing this? I don't really mind spending $27 on a new bulb and doing all the contorting but it would have felt so *luxurious* to have the $90/hr tech change a bulb for me for free! LOL
Just did this today, no idea what I was doing but I had seen the silly video of a guy getting his arm stuck changing the bulb so I knew you could reach it from the vent. In fact my arms and hands are delicate enough that it wasn't too awful. With a little mirror on a telescoping pole from Princess Auto I was able to see what the heck I was doing. (but not while I had my hand in there) I just assumed bulbs, like wiper fluid, were my business.
i have only had one blow on me soo far...they replaced both of them(under warranty) went it went in for not sure what kind f bulbs they put in...but that was about a year ago
My 451 now has 13,500 kms on it. Replaced the first bulb yesterday (under warranty), it just took them a minute.

But the tech left a really horrible nasty stink bomb in the car that was stuck in the seat. I wasn't there, the wife was out running errands with the car... She had to live with it for, what felt like, at least a half hour before it dissipated. Luckily we own a detail shop and sell detailing products, she put some 'new car scent' liquid deoderizer it in. By the time I got into the car, a few hours later, it had dissipated.
QUOTE (yolanda @ Apr 12 2008 - 01:03 AM) *
I don't really mind spending $27 on a new bulb and doing all the contorting but it would have felt so *luxurious* to have the $90/hr tech change a bulb for me for free!

Not only that but, the dealer only charges $15 for their new improved H7 bulb rolleyes.gif
Only 3 bulbs - at just about 60k - I have the DRL on (they are there for a reason) - my old jeep used to be worse - - at least one every 3 months - and it didn't have DRL.

There are some good instructions on how to - I prefer to loosen the one side of the front end - easier to get my mitts in.

The bulbs sell fro $12 at the dealer here - about the same as Canadian Tire - and are branded rather than generic.

Famous Erik
I burned through all 4 bulbs before my warranty was out. since then I have put on over 100 thousand klicks without troubles.
Other smarties I have spoken to went through bulbs quickly at first.

I believe the original bulbs were cheap and prone to early burnout.
QUOTE (Duck @ Feb 15 2008 - 04:38 AM) *
Yup, I've gone through about 20. I average one bulb per 8000 km.


I will only use Hella Optilux as replacements. They last 80,000 - 100,000 kms it would seem... My coupe had the originals tossed out at 14,000 kms.... at 119,000 kms, I had just replaced one of the Hella, and the other was still going.

I now have two Hella in my cabriolet. One OEM made it 15,000, the other only 24,000
Which means the spare spare OEM from the coupe I kept might have 10,000 kms more life in it... not worth the hassle really!!
Finally had my first one go today on my 2005, at just over 49,000 km. And only because I was doing the driver wiper mod. I think removing the driver side headlight cluster was the cause of the lost light. Certainly was not hard to replace given the front was already off and the headlight cluster removed.
Don't tell me about the low beam head lights. I lost track of how many times they have been replaced. First by MB, then Canadian Tire replaced ( I installed ) the brand name Sylvania Long life ( no difference !).
I have thought of putting in a Zener Diode to clamp the voltage at 11.6 Volt, but one needs a rather large resistor to take care of the (almost) 5 A current.
Now I buy the H7's in the US ( nine US$ vs 18 $ in Canada) and live with it.
Some-one here mentioned the Long Life. Where does one buy those ? I can always pick them up in Niagara Falls, NY ( I live in ON)
I used to burn out a bulb every 8000 km or so. After switching to Wal Mart's H7's, I've yet to blow another. I've had those two running for well over 50 000 km, and they were cheaper (half the price) than the ones from Canadian Tire, too!

Coming up on 30 000kms of HID-bliss and still just as good as day1 !!!
Duck: It almost sounds like Oakville has applied some fix. You're in there so much, they'd have lots of opportunity to do factory upgrades. For me, using my enhanced parking lights as running lights during the day, solved my headlight burnout problem. Even they haven't crapped out lately ... touch wood.
Mike T
Coming up on 75,000 km and three years with the second bulbs and all is well!
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