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dry.gif There are people living and driving smarts in places other than the lower mainland and the island. How about another forum for those that live "Beyond Hope".

(Hope is a small town just past Chilliwack and gateway to the kootneys and the north)
Is it something in the air out where you are?
Mike T
I think Spuzzum is beyond Hope wink.gif
Scooter, we actually have quite a few B.C. members who are "beyond Hope" (myself included , though not geographically). I think the sub-forum should actually be titled 'B.C. Mainland' rather than 'BC: Lower Mainland' so as not to leave some members feeling excluded.

The reason the Islanders have their own sub-forum is simply because there are about 1200 smarts there and the local 'meets' are somewhat geographically isolated from mainlanders (ever more so as ferry rates skyrocket).
Even Ontario only has 2 sub-fora, so you might have a difficult time persuading the powers-that-be to create a third sub-forum for B.C.
I think our President would like to see fewer regional discussions and more open-to-everyone topics.

ps: I posted a note about this in 'Site Feedback'.
QUOTE (Mike T @ May 7 2008 - 12:33 PM) *
I think Spuzzum is beyond Hope wink.gif

laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif Good one.
Hey guys...

The regional forums, as it stands right now, is in limbo... but the title reads "Regional Events". If there are enough "events" in a region that isn't specifically listed to warrant it getting its own section, then by all means it can be added. But there are hardly any events going on so as it is, things are probably too specific.

Its no secret... I'm against "mini clubs". I think it encourages cliques of people that go hide in their little section and they aren't really contributing their knowledge to the rest of the group. OBVIOUSLY there are exceptions, so there certainly isn't a rule against it and if a group wants their own section, it can certainly be provided.

I had a vision for the events management, but for various reasons it went nowhere. Hopefully some day it'll get cleaned and fixed smile.gif

Adding sections are easy though so if someone wants one added just let me know by PM exactly what you want. And when I say "exactly", I mean make it easy for me... what will it be called, what's the description you want it to show, and what section is it a sub-section of (ie. where is it)? Also, you suggest it... you moderate it. Consider it a trial basis though, and if it goes ghost-town or gets out of control for any reason... easy come, easy go.


- Steven
QUOTE (deezle @ May 7 2008 - 12:46 PM) *
I think the sub-forum should actually be titled 'B.C. Mainland' rather than 'BC: Lower Mainland' so as not to leave some members feeling excluded.

How about this simple solution?
Sure, for this particular issue yes of course that can be done. And it has been, thank you.

- Steven
For what is worth there is now a Beyond Hope area for events in the nether reaches of BC!

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