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Full Version: mechanic shop that can deal with Smartcars
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So the check engine light went on and so I noticed a few drops of oil on the ground

Delayed going into a mechanic to look at it (was waiting for some money to come in)

Yesterday,as I was driving, i heard a noise coming from the back, and noticed smoke coming out of the back passenger side.

Pulled over to the side of the high way and checked my oil, there was nothing in there. So i poured some oil into the car, and started her up again.

Wanted to just get off the high way so I drove for a couple minutes, and the noise disappeared but then came back louder than before

At that point my car lost its power, and eventually died.

When i try to start her up it makes a HORRIBLE noise.

I'm so sad that I didn't give her enough care! There's no way I can spend more than 2 grand on repairs...

Does anyone know any shops in Mississauga/TOronto that is affordable and aware of the way smart cars work?
give Joe at supersmart a go. He's in Oakville and is a qualified smart service technician.
Not too many independents out there. Before you assume that all is lost, has anyone with a little mechanical knowledge of the smart looked at the car or is it just a heap of parts in your driveway?

Depending on where you are, I might be able to swing by and have a look. If you need an engine, I won't be able to help you, but a clearer diagnosis might help the situation. A little.

The reason I mentioned the accessory belts in the other thread is that it is the correct side (passenger) for a belt problem. If the belts went, your battery would have died eventually, perhaps explaining why the car finally stopped running.

Don't drive it anymore!
Is there any warrenty left on the car? From the sound of your posting it would seem not, but it would certainly be worth checking with a Mercedes-Benz dealer.
Fred J
Warranty for driving the car with no oil in the engine??

You are joking, right?
Hmm, any rods through the block yet ?????

That is what my ex-husband's so called friend did to our old "fill the oil and check the gas" beater about 20 years ago when he borrowed it to drive across Calgary and decided to drive towards Edmonton instead - got to Leduc, seize the pistons and wham, bamm, a rod through the block and HISTORY.
Mike T
Double post.....never checked the oil level before the Big Bang? Tsk Tsk. An engine should not burn or leak enough oil for that to happen in the first place, BUT, you do have to take care of mechanical things, and when a leak or loss of oil was first noticed, the car ought to have been serviced. Running out of oil is terminal, I'm afraid. Ten grand, minimum, for a factory engine, installed.
Don't tell them you ran it out of oil.
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