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Full Version: Clutch Actuator Adjustment Problems.
Club smart Car > Technical Discussions > Operation and Maintenance: 450 Model, 2005-2006, diesel
I was doing some maintenance on my recently acquired í05 euro gas turbo model and decided to do the clutch actuator adjustment. It didnít have any problems, just thought I might as well do it and cross it off my list. First I got it mechanically adjusted (after lubing it first) then proceeded to do the scan tool adjustment. As some of you know there are two adjustments to make to let the computer know the clutch position, referred to as the ďteach inĒ procedures. The first is the teach in clutch engaged and disengaged. It is probably to let the computer know when the clutch is fully applied or released, and that was successful. The second adjustment is the teach in clutch drag point. It is probably to let the computer know the exact point at which the clutch touches the flywheel. That didnít work out. I got a message saying that there is a teach in result fault, and that teach in not successful. And a short drive confirms it. Itís like the clutch lets out too early and the car shudders when taking off from a stop. Not good.

I did previously have a few trouble codes stored. I read them out when the 3 bars appear in the gear indicator but when I erase them they come back after 10 or 20 miles so I figure it might be related to why I canít teach the clutch. They are:

P2033 over current cutout in transmission at a duty cycle>0 CURRENT AND STORED
P2056 actual position of turning angle sensor: Plausibility STORED
P202A gear cannot be engaged when clutch is closed STORED

I was told to replace the turning angle sensor on the transmission but is there a way to test it first? I hate to just throw new parts at it. What does that sensor do? Another possibly related symptom is that in automatic mode the transmission upshifts from 1st to second too early, and in the other gears, too late, like over 3,500 rpm. Someone else said replacing that sensor cured that as well. Any suggestions?
Hi there,
I think you have a break or bad connection in cable to clutch actuator. My Cdi suffered this problem a few years ago and MB had great difficulty adjusting the clutch. Got fed up with the dealer and bought a Win-Star Magus kit. Two of the thinner wires to the clutch actuator were nearly worn through at the end of outer protective sleeve about 10 mm from the connector. Each of the 6 wires to the clutch actuator checked out OK using a Fluke multimeter and I found it was much better to test continuity using a 21W test lamp with leads. This particular case is well documented on the UK OnSmart forum.
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