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Full Version: Rudolf's Revenge
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A few years ago, we were on our way home on Christmas Eve in Pepper the Smart car. A bunch of deer took it in mind to cross in front of us, so I got on the brakes of course. The old ABS was having a fit, chattering like crazy. It quickly became obvious that we wouldn't stop in time, so I abandoned braking and went into dodge 'em mode. Thought we'd made it 'til we heard a "smack" on the left side.
Stopped the car, got out to look: no deer. No damage.
When we got started again found that the mirror had been pushed out of alignment.
So we named the missing deer Rudolf, since it was pretty clear that he'd have a red nose for a while.
Fast forward to last Wednesday:
I'm heading out to Elsa in Flipper the Kenworth, just entering the 7 km straight before I pass my house, when I see off in the distance a single flashing light at the side of the road. First thought is " Gee. I hope Lillian got to work allright."
A little farther along and the profile is starting to look familiar. "Hmm. Is that a Civic?"
A little closer yet and its "How many Civics are painted '51 Ford maroon like Ern is?" I'm really in denial by now.
Beside the car and I still don't believe it, so I stop about a hundred yards past, and sure as hell, its our car. With deer hide stuck in the right front grille, right side window busted, fender caved in, and NO LILLIAN.
We'd just bought a cell phone a couple of weeks ago, and naturally I didn't have it turned on. Took me a few minutes to figure out how to make an outgoing call (effin' techno dummy), and about another five to track her down and find out that she's OK.

Next day: we find out that I didn't put collision on Ern. Only on Pepper.

Friday: Pepper must be miffed about something. Driver's door is frozen shut.

If bad things come in threes, I really hope that was it for this session.

Oh yeah. Rudolf's dead.

Was dinner venison burgers that night?

If you contact the ministry they do let you bring them home.
Mike T
Oh crap! Sorry to read that.
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