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Full Version: Targa Canada West Rally....
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Yes, they're at it again!

And they have an entry class for you: "Targa Precision Category is for a ‘spirited' TSD-style rally set at a limited target speed: so very little risk to your car, and no requirement to modify it with complex safety gear. Get your car out of the garage... and get behind the wheel.
Targa Precision Entry Cost: $99 / team."

More info here:
Spectators welcome.

Bil sun.gif

Oh yeah... did I mention it's in beautiful Nakusp, BC?
Hey this is great news Bil, they were supposed to have it in Kelowna last year but it was cancelled. sad.gif

I would love to go in this with our 67 NSU, or even our Mini Cooper, definatly going to check this out.
Thanks for posting.............

Register for Targa Canada West's inaugural motorsport adventure: TTR

Complete the registration form below to get signed up for this exciting motor-sports adventure occurring in the stunningly beautiful mountains around Nakusp BC on May 13-14, 2011.


Once submitted your registration will be confirmed by our competition team and you will receive instructions on how to complete the payment process. (Note inaugural event has limited capacity for official entries.)


Once you've filled out the form in step one you will be emailed a link to the Registration Payments page. Your payment will be processed using Paypal which allows for Visa, Mastercard and Paypal payments.


Once your payment has been processed we will then email you a link to the Competitor Download page were you will be able to download all of the forms necessary for Targa Tabula Rasa as well as information about the
With less than 10 days to go before the event, B.C.'s Attorney General has once again thrown up roadblocks in the form of parsimonious requests for additional details and documentation that cannot possibly be submitted before the deadline.

So the top-tier TARGA TR event, with exotic, classic, and specialty International Targa race cars has been forced to cancel. angry.gif

HOWEVER, the Precision category, open to unmodified road cars - like your smart car! -is still a go.
TARGA PRECISION is a competition of accuracy, based on target times and average speeds. It is a spirited TSD (time, speed, distance) style rally on open and closed roads. Precision includes the special stage (closed road) and additional open road competition. As per BC TSD Rally Regulations, unmodified vehicles require a triangle, fire extinguisher and first aid kit to compete.

Only $99 to join in the fun!!

Mike T
Holy crap, what a crock. I thought the BCLibs were economic development-orientated......
Remember that in the Interior, the conservative base is fuddy old people and comfortable property owners, neither of which demo' likes the idea of noisy plebeians zooming their nasty cars around on public roads or gathering in groups along where they may want to drive to Walmart or church, or visit the winery for brunch.

Development? NIMBY, you lot! * devil.gif
Mike T
The thought of blue haired little old ladies on their front lawns shaking their tiny fists at the competitiors as they roar by makes me laugh!
biggrin.gif Maybe a little closer to your own heart, Mike is the RBC Gran Fondo scheduled for July 16th in Kelowna.

Letters to the Editor are already trickling in because the GF people have applied for road closures, especially the Southbound lane of Westside Road/

Example: "... has prompted me to make local residents aware of a dangerous proposal being put forward by a for-profit sporting Event ..." "... There are no alternate routes to this area which means traffic will have to co-exist with these cyclists ..."

Westside Road is a beautiful and challenging, twisty up-and-down route. An afternoon closure of a single lane would allow this fresh-air event by a dreaded for-profit (OH NOOOOO!) sponsor [RBC] to offer a unique and challenging "Gran Fondo" experience to a field of expert riders. Not to mention the International publicity and serious cash coming into the region in tourist-challenged times.

But it will now be a battle of wills and influence between the RBC Fondo Kelowna group and the well-heeled residents of luxury lakeside communities. Will they be forced to co-exist with "these cyclists"? Or will RBC's bankroll, experience (Whistler Gran Fondo) and political influence win out?

For the record, I'm betting on the Bank wink.gif
Mike T
I'm doing the Gran Fondo Axel Merckx, not the Kelowna one!
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