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Hello all,

A couple weeks ago I decided it was time to upgrade the 96 Regal, so I went to a car lot in Surrey BC to look at a Mazda 3 Sport. I noticed they had a white Smart passion sitting on the lot - first thought - that does not look safe - funny little car ha! The sales rep informed me that the car had amazing safety ratings.

I was just "shopping", so I went home. The next morning my Regal would not start (fuel pump issues?), so I thought it's time to make the move. My first thought was about that little Smart on the lot. After doing some number crunching I realized that even financing the car I would not be out of pocket that much when I take the fuel difference into consideration. That was Friday. On Saturday I left the lot with the Smart. Hey I have a little dog, so it is only appropriate that I get a small car

I find that the car is a great conversation piece. I am still trying to figure out how to get it to stay on my key chain. I guess I will figure that out soon enough. Fun car to drive and seems to be pretty good on gas, (I just need to learn how to lighten my foot).

Glad to know there is a community of enthusiasts.

Congrats on getting your Smart biggrin.gif and welcome.gif
If the "it" on your keychain is a reference to the key, some of us use a nylon zip tie to connect to a keychain.

The key i$ very expen$ive and known to break where the loops are. The nylon zip tie relieves the stress on the two little plastic loops and is easily replaced.
QUOTE (ianjay @ May 27 2011 - 12:45 PM) *
The nylon zip tie relieves the stress on the two little plastic loops and is easily replaced.
A bead chain works in the same way.
Hi Brian and welcome.gif to the club.

What year is your car? Colour? Do we get to see pictures of your pride and joy? smile.gif

Mike T has a Canadian smart car registry going and if you post the last six digits of your V.I.N., yours can be added to the list if it isn't already there. No cost. (gotta like that)

Ron bike.gif
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