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Full Version: No need of the pump to change oil
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Hi Smart friends,
Dealing with oil change recently, I've found that my car doesn't need any oil extractor to get rid of the old oil. Apparently they build new Smarts with lower drain bolt which makes the whole process much easier and less expensive.

Correct me if I am wrong,


Easier if you like lying on the ground working with 10 inches of clearance and getting covered in oil.
The pump is less effort.
You are right. The 451's Mitsubishi engine has a sump plug. thumbup.gif
True, the 451 gas engine has a drain plug. But a pump is really easy, clean and convenient. I would still prefer it even if I had a drain. Pity you still have to get down and dirty with a drain pan for the filter...
I use the MityVac on every car that I service, including my wife's Accord, mom's Corolla, MIL's Malibu, BIL's TL, and more. It is simply easier and cleaner than using a drain pan, and if the German-brand dealership service departments are to be believed, the pump extracts more dirty oil than a bottom drain releases. Even on the Accord and TL, with their terribly-positioned oil filters, I'm under the car for a total of two minutes.
An oil change just isn't the same without hot engine oil running up your sleeve!
Hot engine oil, in our case hot BLACK engine oil all over your arms! Soaking into your clothes, transferring everywhere. My old truck for an unknown reason had the drain directly over the tie-rods, so you had to use a chunk of plastic to funnel it away. Ahh, I remember the sheer joy of pre-pump oil changes well. rolleyes.gif
Yes, Mercedes moved right into the early 20th century when they added that drain plug (or bought an engine that came with one.) biggrin.gif

FWIW, it's worth it to me to buy the oil & filter and pay a local shop $15 to do the oil change. YMMV. smile.gif
Fred J
For those who want to drain the pan and do it without spilling a drop, then fit a Femco Drain Plug to replace the OEM plug.

I've sold hundreds to fleets and individuals and have used them for the past 30 years.
They can be used anywhere a drain plug exists - engine oil, transmissions, hydraulic systems, etc.

The only way to go.
I had one of those on my wife's dodge van.
It was marketed by Fram (Honeywell).
Didn't work that much better than the
standard drain plug IMO. Pump is still cleaner
and easier...
Mike T
Pump all the waay baby! Never again will I lie under a car to change engine oil.
Me neither! I got the sump drain so I could take it to my old-school indie. He lifts the car and drains the oil directly into his recycling reservoir. I supply the supplies wink.gif and he charges me $19.

B sun.gif
That has been my method too, got the drain installed and take the car with oil and filter to the mechanic and $17 later oil chnaged, no mess for me.
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