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Full Version: Le Mans 2011
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Mike T
The 24h race is on now, another Peugeot diesel versus Audi diesel epic, and there has already been a horrific crash within the first hour, Alan McNish put his Audi R18 into a non-existent gap and the result was a potentially lethal crash although he luckily walked away.

The race has been under a full course yellow since that happened 30 minutes ago.

22.5 hours to go......
Mike T
Jesus, another Audi and GT Ferrari came together, this time resulting in the total destruction of the Rockenfeller Audi. Mike Rockenfeller got out of the remains of the car by himself, amazing.

So it's another long safety car period and the last remaining Audi is in first (aided by the triple safety cars, which put the Peugeots further behind on the track), followed by the three factory Peugeot 908s and then the De Chaunac 908 HDI FAP.

Just over 15 hours to go.
Coast Steve
Damn, I only have basic cable!
My rabbit ears don't bring in those specialty channels
Mike T
8:25 to go, Audi first, Peugeots 2,3,4,5. They're only a few seconds apart. Better than F-1 any day!!! Watching it in HD on Speed Channel.
Mike T
Half an hour to go: Audi is 7 seconds ahead of the #9 Peugeot, after 23.5 hours. Best racing in the world.
Well, it's all over faces on the podium.

1 - Audi
Mike T
Great show, I stayed up for all 24 hours. Peugeot diesels 2-3-4-5....they were reliable but didn't quite have the required speed.
Would have been interesting if the two other Audi entries had not been in those horrendous accidents...
Mike T
I was damned interesting as it was, but yeah. And had the Number 7 Peugeot not been stuffed into the wall necessitating a RF suspension change, it could well have finished first. I love endurance racing.....
Mike T
Another day that shall live in infamy forever:

There goes the 2012 season. And maybe Peugeot as a carmaker. Things (in a financial sense) have to be extremely dire for them to cancel the program at this late date, partway through the car development program. It's sad for Le Mans too, there will be no competition in LMP1 for Audi this season.
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