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Full Version: Problem Smart Car....
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Hi all, well I purchased a Smart car brand new from Smart out in Weston that is in Miami. Anyways I bought the car in may it is almost 7 months old now. About 5-6 weeks after purchasing I had to bring in for service because a few panels were loose and my seat belts were not retracting there also was a ticking noise in my front left tire and my dash board was popping up.

Got it back seat belts were the same, dash was the same and ticking noise still there and they fixed my panels by putting glue on them after they said they were replacing my dash and replacing my panels which they did not do at west palm beach Mercedes. By the way I would never buy another Mercedes product EVER.....

Ok so I bring it back for all the same things, which apon return they only fixed panels. Then on the way home from work one day stepping on my gas pedal the car would not move and the esp light and the system malfuction light came on (oh boy) so I called Mercedes and they had to come and tow my car to WPB Mercedes which they told me I had to pay.. Ha ha funny. I did not... Now mind you this dealer ship is a hour in a half from my home, it's not the dealer I bought it from because 2 weeks after I bought the car the dealer closed and turned into a Fiat dealership.

Anyways I also complained about my A/C blowing really hard and then really soft, they told me they found nothing wrong. Also apon returning my car the 2 time I notice they scratch my car, looks like a scuff mark from a shoe or something anyways.......well last week my A/C went so I had to bring in for service again, now I told them to fix everything, dash, seatbelts, ac, scratch, ticking noise in left front tire ticking noise in engine, no problem tech says just write it all down and we will look into it... Ok got car back on Friday the 9th they only fixed my ac they said everything else they couldn't find nothing wrong. Well my seatbelt still doesn't retract the scratch is still there, the ticking noise in both places still there and my rocker panels are still loose underneath car oh did I say my rocker panels have been loose since I got the car... Ha ha glue...

I'm sure there is much I'm leaving out like all the money I've spent in gas and tolds getting there and on top of it paying for some of the rental cars which I shouldn't be paying one dollar for... I really love my mini hot rod but unfortunately I think I got a lemon. It's very sad cause I truly love my car and just want it to work and drive right. I now went above Mercedes and contacted Smartusa and have a case going on to see if the car is eligible for buy back, which breaks my heart...

I truely would love a new one but with all the horror stories I've been reading I'm not really to sure what to do... Well wish me luck and I loved to here from anyone with issues..

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas..... dry.gif angry.gif mellow.gif
Is there a reason you had to post this twice?
Sounds like you got a lemon, lucky for you the US has lemon laws. Hopefully M-B USA gets you a replacement smart.
Sorry about your luck,
Smart USA is "new" having taken over from Penske.
So them having problems is to be expected, having said that you should complain to them.
Perhaps the smart car of America forum would be more helpful.
This looks like something you should be sending directly to the head office of MB in the U.S.

Good luck in getting this resolved and Merry Xmas. santa.gif
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