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This sticky/locked post is here to allow all to see the route, who cannot open Word. The same routes are posted under the Routes forum, as an attachment to be opened, on Page 19 of the thread. Comments are welcome.

Smarties will be able to feed into the routes via other highways and secondary roads etc. This is a relay, not a rally.
To find the estimated time for km driven divide by 80km/hr, or, 100km/hr. Personally, I will use 100km per hour. Stopover and venue times still have to be inserted, which add to the time of each route. Currently, for example, Ontario may take 3.5 days to get to the Manitoba border.

CAA is not an official partner, however, please print this post and take to the local CAA office to have them do a complete cross Canada trip tik. My contact in Ottawa could only do 5 complete cross Canada trip tiks. There is a limit to the number of trip tiks they will do per card member, due to the resources available. A trip tik usually takes 1 week to prepare so do it as soon as possible.

The km's posted opposite the leg were counted by the CAA rep, using the km's printed on the map and as a result will be fairly accurate.

We can amend the trip tiks as needed, ourselves.



1. Goose Bay LB-Happy valley LB=====2KM
2. Happy Valley LB ferry over to Cartwright LB =====13hr
3. Cartwright LB ferry over to Lewisport NL===== 24hr
4. Lewisport NL via HYW 1 to St. Johnís NL =====347KM
5. St. Johnís NL via HYW 1 to Port aux Basques=====869KM
6. Port aux Basques ferry over to North Sydney NS=====14hrs
7. North Sydney via HYW 4-104-Port Hawkesbury NS=====150KM
8. Port Hawkesbury NS Ė via HYW 104-New Glasgow NS=====122KM
9. New Glasgow NS via HYW 106 to Pictou NS-Ferry over to Woods Island, PEI=====19KM and ferry=====1hr 15min.
10. Woods Island PEI via HYW 1- Charlottetown PEI to Summerside to Confederation Bridge HYW16-15-Shediac NB===204KM
11. Shediac NB via HYW 15 to Moncton NB=====18KM
12. Moncton NB via HYW 2 to Fredericton NB =====175KM
13. Fredericton NB via HYW 2 to Grand Falls
14 Edmundston NB=====286KM to Riviere-du-Loup

************ ALTERNATE ROUTE*************

1. Moncton NB via HYW 1 to Saint John NB=====165KM
2. Saint John NB via HYW 7 to Edmundston NB=====312KM


1. Edmundston NB via HYW 185-20-540-Quebec City QC=====320KM
2. Quebec City QC via HYW 40 to Trois-Rivieres QC =====126KM
3. Trois-Rivieres QC via HYW 55-161-20-55-Sherbrooke QC=====261KM
4. Sherbrooke QC via HYW 10 to Montreal QC===== 140KM
5. Montreal QC via HYW 15 to Hull
6. Hull to Ottawa


1. Ottawa via HYW 417-416-2 to Port Hope ON===== 365KM
2. Port Hope ON via HYW 401 to Toronto ON===== 116KM
3. Toronto ON via HYW 401 to Kitchener ON ===== 86KM
4. Kitchener ON via HYW 401 to Toronto ===== 86KM
5. Toronto ON via HYW 400-Barrie ON, ====== Approximately 83KM
6. Barrie ON via HYW 400-Perry Sound, ON=====Approximately 113KM
7. Parry Sound, ON-via HYW 69 to Sudbury, ON=====Approximately 152KM
8. Sudbury ON -via HYW17 to Sault St. Marie ON=====Approximately 302KM
9. Sault St. Marie ON-via HYW 17 to Thunder Bay ON=====Approximately 711KM
10. Thunder Bay ON- via HYW 17 to Dryden ON=====Approximately 342KM
11. Dryden ON- via HYW 17 to Kenora ON=====Approximately146KM


1. Kenora ON via HYW 17-1-Winnipeg MB =====210KM
2. Winnipeg MB via HYW 100-1-Brandon AB =====207KM
3. Brandon AB via HYW 1 to Regina SK =====362KM
4. Regina SK via HYE 6-11- to Saskatoon SK =====254KM
5. Saskatoon SK via HYW 16 to Lloydminister AB =====280KM
6. Lloydminister AB via HYW 16 to Edmonton AB =====245KM
7. Edmonton AB via HYW 2-to Calgary AB ===== 283KM
8. Calgary AB via HYW 2- to Fort Macleod AB =====163KM
9. Fort Macleod AB via HYW 3 to Lethbridge AB=====51KM
10. Lethbridge AB via HYW 3 to Cranbrook BC ===== 309KM


1. Lethbridge AB via HYW 3 to Cranbrook BC ===== 309KM
2. Cranbrook BC via HYW 3 to Nelson BC ===== 234KM
3. Nelson BC via 3A-3-3A-97-Penticton=====321KM
4. Penticton BC via HYW 97 to KelownaBC=====90KM
5. Kelowna BC via HYW 97 to Vernon BC=====44KM
6. Vernon BC via HYW 97 to Kamloops BC=====116KM
7. Kamloops BC via HYW 5-1-Vancouver BC=====319KM
8. Vancouver BC via 1-7A-99-Horseshoe Bay BC=====30KM
9. Horseshoe Bay BC via FERRY to Langdale BC===== 40Minutes
10. Langdale BC via HYW 101 Ė Earles Cove BC=====90KM
11. Earles Cove BC via FERRY to Saltery Bay BC=====50Minutes
12. Saltery Bay BC via HYW 101 to Powell River BC ===== 35KM
13. Powell River BC via FERRY to Comox BC===== 1hr. 15 minutes
14. Comox BC via HYW 19A to Campbell River ===== 51KM
15. Campbell River BC via HYW 19 to Duncan BC===== 203 KM
16. Duncan BC via HYW 19 to Victoria BC =====62KM

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