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Full Version: How To Identify a smart fortwo cdi in Canada
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What to look for when spotting a fortwo cdi in Canada. Looking at the wheels or tridion colour can be misleading. Actually, there can be so many deviations, including after-sale modifications it can be tricky. One or more of the following tips should give you a definitive answer...

How to identify a smart fortwo cdi in Canada from quite a long way away:

Badging in mirror triangle
white lettering on grey, opaque: pure
black lettering on silver, translucent: pulse
silver lettering on black, translucent: passion
Note: There are special editions with similar or different badges

Badge inside windshield, on dashboard
Special editions, numbered

Frame colours
black grille: pure
silver grille: pulse or passion
black rear view mirrors: pure or pulse
silver rear view mirrors: passion

stream green (green-yellow): pulse
river silver metallic (bright silver): pulse ('06) or passion
ruby red metallic (brownish-red): passion ('06)
green metallic (dark): grandstyle special edition, based on a passion
(others): Check interiour colours, below

Interiour colours
scodic grey fabric (medium grey): pure
twister green or blue fabric: pulse
bungee red or grey fabric: passion
black leather seats with some twister blue fabric: pulse
black leather seats with some bungee grey fabric: passion
beige leather seats and trims and black leather-like material on dash: grandstyle special edition
black leather seats and trims and dash, with stitching to match rest of car's custom colour: Canada 1 custom order

Coupé or cabriolet
Hard top: coupé
Fabric top: cabriolet
Window triangle in side, behind tridion: coupé
Black fabric in side, behind tridion: cabriolet
Large rear window (glass): coupé
Smaller plastic rear window surrounded by fabric: cabriolet
Mysterious stubby thing on frame above windshield: cabriolet
Rear tailgate has a convex bulge over the handle: cabriolet
Diesel Dave
Quite a list and totally accurate. I never really thought about it before but as you say, you can't have leather seats with twister green or bungee red trim.
you can't have leather seats with twister green

That is why I didn't get the leather seats. I loved the twister green.
When you get leather on a pulse model what colour is the leather and what colour is the dash?
Diesel Dave
On a pulse, the leather would be black and the trim would be twister blue grey. On a passion, the leather would be black and the trim would be bungee grey.
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