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  1. Last 6 digits are 288410. We bought it in Medicine Hat, AB in 2012 and just registered it in BC at the start of May
  2. We've been running winter tires year round the last couple years as it usually is just a local runabout car, the front tires were less than a month old as well
  3. I very rarely post here but I just wanted to share how my wife and daughter survived a serious crash one week ago in her 2006 Smart convertible just east of Creston BC. Creston RCMP called her yesterday and we finally got some details on what happened, as my daughter was looking at her phone (as a passenger) when it happened and my wife has no memory of the accident. A man had called in to police about a car driving erratically and swerving in front of him minutes before the crash and saw the whole thing. The lady in the car had a "medical issue" and crossed into their path suddenly. The officer told her that "her little tank" plowed right through the car and took the entire front end off the other car before vaulting airborne and flipping down the highway (approx 100 yards) then down an embankment into the trees. The Smart car structure was so tough that fire and rescue was unable to cut the side of the car off to get her out and had to get her out a different way than planned. My wife has a broken leg and is bruised head to toe and a concussion, while my daughter is bruised and scraped up with no broken bones. Truly a testament to the engineering and safety equipment in these little cars.
  4. Took it for another little drive tonight and when coming to a stop once it did the 3 bars again. From reading on this forum it seems like the computer needs to re-learn the clutch as it was from another smart car and probably is using setting for the clutch in the other car. Oh well...it does run but if it is going to do this every drive I guess it means a trip to Mercedes to get the clutch set or the computer and SAM unit need to get sent away for new keys made and synched.The clutch I did notice could be quite jerky when starting out
  5. Well, out here in Nelson now and the car is running once again. Swapped out the SAM unit, ECU, and shifter unit with the ignition switch and it fired back up. A few small issues however: the car is a 2006 cabrio and the parts swapped in were from a 2005 coupe so the third button on the key fob no longer opens the convertible roof but drops the end gate instead. The roof button on the console no longer opens the roof either, its close to fall so no big deal right now. The paddle shifters in the car no longer work but floor shifter works fine, again no big deal. When the car is running odometer reads "--------", trip meter works fine and actual mileage shows when key is first turned forward or car is off, and it does count up properly, just does not show when car is running, no big deal. Overall just happy it is running again and we now have time to send the SAM, ECU and a lock tumbler to SOS Diagnostics at our leisure and get the car fully functional for next spring.Only other thing was while driving it today we did get the 3 bars on the dash and lost the gears until we stopped and restarted it. This has never happened before and from reading on this forum about causes it seems like it has nothing to do with the new parts swapped in, maybe a wiring harness got moved while I was moving them around the airbox while removing it. I guess we will see if it happens again or if it was an isolated thing.Anyways wife is happy and her car runs again!!!
  6. I remember when we sent the parts away to SOS for the last smart car the paperwork asked the mileage and I had already taken the parts out so I guessed. When the parts came back and I installed them the mileage showed the guess and within 5 minutes of running the odometer changed to the correct exact mileage so it must be stored elsewhere in another module. I guess I will pack up the SAM, ECU, ignition switch and keys and try those (the car is in Nelson, BC and I am in Alberta so I have to go rescue it on days off), hopefully this works. Thanks for all the advice guys, I will post if this works when I get out there-I think I will take the flatdeck trailer too in case this doesn't work, wouldn't be the first time a smart car came home on my trailer from another province due to key issues
  7. I do have a sam unit, ecu, two keys and ignition switch, what do you mean by instrumentation?
  8. A few days ago my wife lost her only key (I know, why did we not have a spare right...another "we should get that done soon" moment that doesn't matter now) to her 2006 diesel cabrio. To get it going as soon as possible I was thinking that I have a spare computer, SAM, ignition switch/shifter and 2 keys from our totalled 2005 coupe. Does anyone know if replacing these would get the car going again? We did get a new key made for the 2005 and had the keys synched by SOS diagnostics from near Portland a few years back and all we had to send was the computer, SAM and the one key we had for it so it would seem that swapping those should work...maybe. Any ideas from anyone who has done this or had to replace these parts?
  9. I have for sale a set of factory wheels with summer tires mounted plus 2 more front summer tires not mounted. Wheels are from a 2005 and are in excellent shape and all tires are between 4/32 and 5/32 tread left. Asking $450 oboI live in southern Alberta but I am in Nelson, BC twice a month so they can be delivered to that area as well
  10. By the way Tennelle sorry to hear about your Smart I can understand your being so upset, the worst part of this whole thing was how upset my wife was about her pride and joy car. I am glad we went the way we did as I was nervous about a proper fix being done, and she ended up getting the convertible that she regretted not getting the first time. Here is her new one...
  11. Actually we were given the option from the other person's insurance company to fix it or take the cash settlement, so we took the cash and bought back the wreck. We then replaced it with a 2006 convertible in beautiful condition and I am stripping the wreck and we are keeping everything that is a direct fit for spare parts and selling the parts we can't use (like rear hatch window, roof glass etc). Overall it worked out well: $9000 for the car, $2000 to but it back, $6900 for the new cabrio, enough spare parts to hopefully never have to set foot in a dealership for a long time and $100 in our pocket. Wife is very happy with her convertible and back on the road in her new favorite car
  12. Here is a batch of parts from our totalled 2005 coupe, we have replaced it with a 2006 cabrio so any parts that are not a direct fit (some options are different as well) we are selling and keeping all other parts. We accept Paypal and shipping is extra and to be paid by buyer, we are in southern Alberta. Please reply by PM or email to toddsj68@hotmail.com if interested in any parts. I have no idea what new replacement prices are so I am making this up as I go, hopefully these are reasonably priced. Thanks for looking! 1. rear hatch window, defrost grid intact - $75 SOLD 2. driver and passenger door weather stripping - $20 each 3. drivers side taillight - $75 4. rear gate and hatch weatherstripping - $30 5. driver side rear corner window - $50 6. console - $20 7. rear wiper motor and wiper arm - $50 SOLD 8. rear hatch struts - $25 for both 9. air conditioning radiator - $50 10. dash switch panel (with air cond and rear defrost buttons) - $25 11. wiper and rear wiper switch arm - $20 12. rear hatch upper spoiler (brake light lens not included) - $25 SOLD 13. rear upper sunshade rail bracket - $5
  13. I have a full factory stereo for sale: speakers in the little sub boxes, tweeters, head unit and Smart ipod dock with the module and cables to plug into the factory head unit. Make an offer on any or all of it if interested...Thanks
  14. Don't know if you are still looking but I have just taken one out of our 2006 Smart that we just bought. I has the holder and the module with the cables that plug directly into the factory stereo. I am also parting out our totalled 2005 so I have the speakers in the little sub boxes and tweeters, factory stereo...whole system. Let me know if you want any of these parts. Make me an offer on any of it if you like.
  15. Thanks so much for the quick replies, its nice to know that we can shop for either year and have all these parts. The wife is already on a hunt for another and can't wait to be back in a Smart, looks like she wants the convertible this time