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  1. Wheel spacers in general are fine depending on your modification but remember they will be harder on your bearings as well your fenders unless you plan on modifying them.
  2. did the mechanic look at the starter? The 09s some times do not come with a splash guard for the starter and corrosion sets in on the terminals. Or when you start it does it slow down after a few cranks? Or does it crank fine and when was the last time you changed your plugs? Kms above 100k?
  3. I'm thinking Cross Blade. I think 2002 not sure that's if these are OEM
  4. I believe they do. It's been a few years but I remember on mine it was not under the seat but further back on the floor. This has happened to me in both 05 and 09 on a heavy cross wind would set it off and I had to pull over ,turn it off and restart or give it a shake and it would reset. I will pull the carpet and reference the number maybe I'm talking through my hat.
  5. Finally got my engine block and head from being powder coated. Reason for doing it , Easer to clean and protected from oxidation. Now to put it all together.
  6. Go to a side of your car put your hands just above the side window and rock the car a few times then check if its still on.
  7. Yes you can.
  8. Do you still have your EGR connected or still using it on both engine installs?
  9. This replacement engine, how are the glow plugs? The injectors are they different or are they the ones from the other engine?
  10. Wisdom is the knowledge of of all things static and active. and To have the foresight to teach those that have not yet understood.
  11. The oldest thing that I kept is my 1986 Honda Helix.
  12. Do you have some pictures that we could look at?
  13. My question would be why was the Brabus engine taken out, did come from a wrecker? You will need the GPU that came with this and is it a Brabus engine? Their a lot of noticeable differences between this engine and standard.
  14. Then you have air in your brake system it needs to be flushed out.