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  1. LOL....yeah, I welded at work. I did install the exhaust with flip flops!
  2. Here's the finished product - please don't judge my horrible welding skill (or lack of skill)! The important thing is that it was CHEAP! Didn't feel like forking out $600 for an exhaust. From this experience, I realized that its better in the future to make a small "jig" to make sure that the flex pipe connection will line up...any stress due to misalignment will cause the flex pipe to fail prematurely. The 451 also seems to be a lot harder to work on than my 450...maybe its still new to me. Izzy
  3. I'm getting the exact symptoms - but only very subtle. I don't think the slight play in the linkage (actuator/fork/bearing) would cause the clutch to slip - it would probably just cause rougher shifts. The lack of calibration might have something to do with it, but its a long shot. I think its the tune and an aging clutch. I will probably just keep driving it. I do have a clutch/fork stocked at home ready to go for this winter. I'm catching up to your mileage! On average I do 90km a day during the summer with the C1.
  4. As of this morning, Red Pxl has 140,436km. Performed maintenance service on it and a general inspection: - Will need new rear tires pretty soon, down to the wear bar. - Injector one seems to be weeping very slightly - can't tell if its between the injector/fitting/line, but its not enough to make a mess. - Will need new windshield (thank you AB). - A/C is leaking very slowly from the valve cores. - Clutch was slipping a little, found that the actuator rod has some play - performed "nutted mod" with brass 1/4" flare cap, and performed teacher in with STAR. The Chinese turbo is running strong without any issues. The cheap RockAuto alternator is loud, but still running with the clutch pulley.
  5. Performed maintenance on Red Pxl this morning. It now has 140,436km as of this morning! While changing out the air filter, noted that the new Mahle filter looks a bit different than the Mann one's that I've always used. Decided to pull both new ones out for a side by side comparison: Noticed that the Mahle seems to have a larger filtering surface. Also the construction is a bit better in my opinion. I don't think it'll make much of a noticeable difference performance wise, but the Mahle was actually cheaper (RockAuto). Any thoughts? Izzy
  6. 7000km into my new 2013 ForTwo, the flex pipe went...It has 60k on the odometer now. Overnight it became very loud, surprised that it went that quickly. I knew there was a repair guide somewhere, but most either here on CsC or SCoA were vague. Here's what I did: 1) Flex Pipe Dynomax 41792 (rebranded Walker) from Amazon - $23.15 2) A short 1.75" extension/adaptor pipe as the flex pipe was a bit short - around $7, lost the receipt so I don't remember I had to cut the old pipe off. I use a zip disc and cut along the weld - when done properly, the old pipe will actually come off revealing the base pipe. Removed the old pipe and cleaned up the mating surfaces with a wired-wheel. It lines up nicely. Tack welded. The extension had to be cut slightly to shorten. Only 1 tack was on the extension and flex pipe as I needed to mount it on the car to make sure everything lined up - perfect, took it back down and will bring it to work to finish the welding!
  7. Road rage against Smart cars is pretty bad here in AB (where most people’s gender identity is somehow tied to their vehicles)… I get “roll-coal” on almost on a weekly basis. When I’m cruising down the highway at 120km/hr, I often have people speed up and cut me off to slow down. Whenever I get tailgated, I slow down even more…love to see them jump up and down in their seat!
  8. @Willys not offended…just friendly banter The hose was $40 plus a few bucks with SS clamps. This made changing the air filter super easy compared to the stock resonator in place. The oem coupler had to be removed and reinstalled - hard to tell if it was pinched/damaged. Any “performance” gain with this hose is purely a bonus. This Chinese clone of the Forge tube appears to be slightly smaller in diameter and longer in length - the Forge seems to be rounder (if that makes sense?). The plan is still to do the Stage 2 turbo kit with headers next year.
  9. Come say hi whenever you’re in Edmonton! Welcome to the club! Izzy
  10. What’s with the rant? Didn’t buy it for performance gains. Just thought I’ll report my experiences as others might be curious. I did it for the sound and ease of changing the air filter.
  11. Went for a drive. There was definitely more noise, a bit of a grunt or a growl when loaded - a good sound in my opinion. Now it could be because it was 31C and I had my A/C on max, but it felt less torquey than usual. Will need to do more runs before I can say for sure. Maybe the small hose for the PCV is causing issues? I know that PCV restrictions can rob power, but I’m not sure if this was the case here.
  12. So mine came in last week. Haven’t had time to install until today. Here’s the result: The resonator box had to be cut in order to remove (the other option was to lower the engine). Evilution mentioned that it can be orientated to come out if the engine cover edges were bent slightly - I choose to cut. Another slight issue was that the PCV hose had a slightly larger inner diameter than the metal fitting that came with the hose. I was able to tighten the hose clamp to fit, but I would rather use a different fitting. Will load some pics later, phone won’t let me reduce the sizes.
  13. I remember somewhere on the forum here that it can be enabled/disabled via the STAR program - has to go into one of the coding section if I remember correctly.
  14. I drive both of mine regularly too. The 451 does seems to like keeping the rpms low. I rarely drive my C1 in auto mode.
  15. Happy Birthday Glenn! Back in 2013!