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  1. Stickman007....have you or can you do a double din facia for the 450 in the 3D printer? I'm put a JVC DBL DIN in my wife's car and there isn't much out there.


    1. stickman007


      Its on my list of things todo in the future, but I'll have to draft it on CAD which will require me to remove the radio and draw. It'll be fairly time consuming with trial and error. I will let you know when I have one, but it won't be soon. eBay is usually your best bet.

  2. I guess I could start a thread with 3D printing service! Hahahaha.... I will start a thread on the "self-promotion" section when I'm ready to print stuff for you guys. This thread was just an outlet cause I was so excited playing with my new toy! I started playing with 3D printing about 5 years ago when the school I worked at bought one - Makerbot Replicator 2, $2600. I then bought my own printer, an used Wanhao D7 resin printer....very finicky to use and expensive. This is technically my 1st own FDM printer which is an Ender 3 v2. It can print PLA, ABS, and PEGT. The easiest printing material is PLA, but it warps at low temp when use in car application. ABS is stronger and much better at handling higher temp, but its much harder to print. PEGT is the middle ground. So far, my new PETG emulators are holding up great to engine temp when tie to the air box on top of the ECU. When I initially tested with PLA, it warped slightly. The Mirror SG bracket also won't warp hopefully when the car is in the sun all day when using PEGT - will still have to be proven on a hot day, so far our warmest day is only 22C. I did fix the rear window extension, will post pics later on my own design. A lot beefier and it doesn't rattle (I grind off a bit of the thingiverse design so that it'll fit, but once its in, its loose and doesn't fit tight). Izzy.
  3. @Willys I forgot I was suppose to send you one! Do you want a custom designed one? or the one of thingiverse? Sketch me of something you want for the mirror stiffener, though I don't think it'll help much since the car itself vibrates a lot.
  4. My wife authorized the purchase of a new 3D printer! I've been playing with it none stop... Made a few things for the 450: 1) Scangauge2 Bracket above the mirror. 2) New EGR Emulator Design - still testing phase (unless you want to be a me) 3) Rear Window Extension - though I found that it doesn't fit our 450 (file from thingiverse). Might be for the older UK styles? Will need to redesign. Please provide ideas!
  5. Might be one of those “single touch” window modules that was sold here a while ago.
  6. @Meekles did I say injectors? I thought I swear I said nozzles...sorry. Like Willys said, you can clean and replace the nozzles yourself (or a competent diesel shop should be able to do that). MB dealership will not do that, they rather do swapnostics at your expense. If you want to change your injectors, you can look up the Bosch number rather than MB number - might be cheaper. Izzy PS - just send the injectors to Willys and have him do the dirty work!
  7. I think I've been driving more since COVID. Since we couldn't go to restaurants and shopping...wife and I found ourselves taking day trip drives to the mountains and back. Usually go from Edmonton to Rocky Mountain House, Saskatchewan Crossings, Jasper, Hinton, and then home. We pack snacks and drinks (not the fun kind) for the day. We usually go at least once a month, round trip around 900km.
  8. I would love another C1, but I’m sure my wife will kill me. Hahahaha... Love your cabrio.
  9. Yup! Finally getting some momentum on a prototype. Keep you posted soon
  10. The stl file for the plug is posted on evilution and thingiverse. The file that I actually use is different and suited for my resin printer and pins that I’m using. But the one that I release freely will work with PLA and metri pack male 280 (hard to come by lately). I did finalize my gerber file and not sure if I have enough interest to pull the trigger. Also, JLPCB doesn’t have a few of the components and will require me to order and solder separately....defeats the point of keeping it simple ready to go. Will see, I’m currently working on the window drop/1-touch module project...too many things on the go! Izzy
  11. Fuse 8 goes to one of the main relays that supplies power to the ECU. This explains why you get the 1 bar error (CAN network fault) as part of the ECU is dropping out of the communication network - flashing indicate that the issue is active. Here's some info from fq101 - Good Luck chasing wires! Izzy
  12. After speaking with a few local smarties, I think we can start hammering some details as I think the COVID restrictions might lift significantly by May. I'm thinking that this trip will be best on Sat May 29th. Please let me know what you guys think! 7am - We can all meet at my place as it is out of the city where we can meet and greet (PM me for directions). Can also top up your coffee before we leave. 8am - Leaving my place and hit the road 10:30am - Edson Timmies/McDs for bathroom break and fill up. 1pm - Jasper. Any suggestions for lunch? Earls/Famoso/L&W/others? I personally vote for Famoso. 2:30pm - Old Fort Point or Maligne Cayon just outside of Jasper for a short hike. If the weather is bad, we can stay in our cars and do a scenic drive to Medicine Lake. Another scenic drive is up to Meitte Hot Springs. 4pm - Leaving Jasper and hit the road 5pm - Hinton. Dinner at Gus' Pizza 7pm - Leaving Hinton. Everyone go their separate ways - should make it home to Edmonton by 10pm if its not too late.
  13. Due to the cold whether and lockdown protocols, I've been forced to stay at home with nothing better to do. I've stop making emulator by hand as they're very time consuming to put together. I continue to strive to help CsC members make their own emulator. So just something fun for all. A PCB layout of the CsC emulator. Included is the Gerber file that can be sent to a PCB manufacture for them to make it for you! I will be ordering a few to play around once perfected, but I have not tested this design yet. Just something to post for now. Put together with EasyEDA. More details on components to come... - all resistors are R0603 packaged
  14. You need the hex dump file. S/n cannot generate radio pin.
  15. I personally haven't done any chains....yet. But these were Dom's pics in the earlier post that shows the cam sprocket orientation. In my limited engine experiences, the cam always have some sort of slot as a "lock." Either way, I hope that someone will put a proper guide together once this is sorted out. Izzy