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  1. Hi All: I need advice on this topic. I have a 2006 smart Passion and the headlight leveler motor on the right side runs constantly without actually changing the level of the light. Our smart is only summer driven with 60000K. I took off the front end and am prepared to snip wires to stop this motor, but I see four different coloured wires going into the light motor housing. Which wire or wires do I cut to disable the headlight leveler motor? Thanks in advance. Ron HIGH IQ
  2. Welcome to Winnipeg.The smart club is not active but we still do an annual Fall Supper trip.PM me and we can meet for coffee.We drive a 2006 smart Passion.HIGH IQ
  3. Excellent idea to commemorate Bil's passion for the smart fortwo !
  4. Our sincere condolences to Bil's family.Bil's posts were always informative and helped make smart fortwo ownership a pleasure.He will be missed by all. Clubsmartcar will have to memorialize Bil's contributions to our smart community.Deepest sympathy,Ron and Joyce
  5. 37,000 K on 2006 Passion (Summer only vehicle)Love the smart.Ron
  6. HIGH IQ (2006 Passion)is in winter storage at 34,000K.I trust we will be able to deal with this matter in the Spring at Winnipeg Mercedes.Ron
  7. Let me know when you will be in Winnipeg.We could meet for coffee.Ron and JoyceHigh IQ
  8. OUR 2006 smart Passion plate is HIGH IQ
  9. Bill:Sorry that we could not meet on your return trip. I was out of town and could not reply to your message in a timely manner.I guess that means that you must do a return trip next year for our annual coffee. in Winnipeg.Ron
  10. Bill:I was good to meet you again for our annual coffee. Your Canada 1 smart is very nice indeed, and I am pleased you brought it on this trip. You are the perfect owner for that rare car.Provide advane notice of your return trip if you come through Winnipeg, and I will gather other smart owners to meet you.HIGH IQRon
  11. I would enjoy meeting you for our annual coffee in Winnipeg.Let me know your travel details.RonHIGH IQ
  12. Merry Christmas to all.HIGH IQ
  13. Congratulations on your trip across Canada.We enjoyed the pictures that captured the excitement of your journey.Ron M.HIGH IQ
  14. The turnout was excellent. Mercedes Winnipeg provided a Mercedes with a bluetech diesel and a smart Fortwo. The smart was the vehicle that attracted the most interest, compared to the other manufacturers cars on display. There was keen interest in future arrival of the electric smart.I will say that the design of the smart Fortwo appears to be the attribute that attracts people. Many people commented that the smart is "so darn cute". The iconic design of the smart car captures the essence of urban automotive transportation. We were pleased to be at the Green Lifestyles Show to provide detailed information regarding the many benefits of driving a smart Fortwo.Ron M.HIGH IQ
  15. Our 2006 smart Passion reached 30,000 K on Nov.1, 2011.We only drive the smart in summer, and it is now in storage until Spring.We have had trouble-free transportation with our smart now that the A/C was fixed last year.HIGH IQ