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  1. the needle bearings can pile up and jam in any position ive changed many steering shafts on f150 and various other cars (usually fords) due to bad steering shaft u joints..they can be just fine for weeks then suddenly stiffen up on a curve in the road best way to be sure is have it in your hand...or if its acting up jack it up and spray some penetrant...penetrating fluid will likely make a bad one usable again for a short time
  2. those steering shaft u-joints can do odd things....(as most f150 owners will attest) if you suspect it undo one end and test it with your hands ....youll know pretty quick if its the problem
  3. delphi 150e would be the cheapest way to read the most modules...but you need a laptop to run it..and its hacked software so you kind of need to know how to generate activation codes whish can be a real headache if youre like me and not computer savvy
  4. it looks like it only lists bmw and doesnt include smarts
  5. theres an interesting mini for sale around here https://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/sudbury/classic-mini-shorty/1564406213
  6. yeah the 4th one is in the picture on the right hand side
  7. i would recommend a decent foxwell if you work on multiple varieties or if youre going to turn into the local smart expert might as well look into a star system ive used autels ,foxwell and delphi on smarts ...delphi 150e did a lot more than the others on smart...but like i mentioned before it wouldnt communicate with the brake/traction module on my cabrio ....but worked just fine for the same year coupe
  8. abs generally on all cars does a self check on every start up it should go away unless another problem is present might also have to take it for a drive and go over a speed threshold like 40 or 50 kp/h
  9. i hate spam
  10. make an adapter with an old plug or cheap compression tool to put air pressure in the cylinder leak will be easy to find
  11. good time to take hubs off and add a bit of grease into the bearings edited to add i know its too late but in a pinch i remember some of those upper strut parts were shared with some jetta and golf models if a volkswagen dealer is close by
  12. i didnt even bother checking mine...they were cheap enough for three i just swapped in new ones (and 2 of them were already busted off by the last owner anyway) i also remember reaming out the passages to make them work better one time i owned a 7.3 diesle ford and was cheap i remember checking them by taking them out and using booster cables,,,you found out quick which ones were still good
  13. how did you determine the glow plugs were not the issue?
  14. has to be a code set if it stays on youll need a scantool that can read the abs system...ive had mixed luck with delphi 150e ...it would read and clear abs/esp codes on my 05 coupe but wouldnt communicate at all with the abs on my 05 cabrio
  15. is there any beeping noises?..and do your brake lights work? just asking because one time i had ice in my brake light switch and it would disable the stability controls
  16. i did it to my plow truck (retrofitted power windows into manual doors) and its work well for when im plowing and need the window open to see the mirror but it just seems utterly ridiculous in such a small car (unless it is one of those kits mentioned above) maybe previous owner had problems with their right arm or back is all i can think of for reasons to add another switch
  17. ddint mean that..i meant previous owner installing a second switch for passenger window when i remember it being very easy to just lean over
  18. weird thing to add into a smart......its not that far to just reach over to the passenger door window switch
  19. pop off the door skin and use a hose in your ear to pin point it or just your hand if its loud enough....has to be a door lock actuator or window motor...i cant think of anything else it could be other than those.....except maybe temperature expansion of plastic
  20. i ended up choosing the equinox (which has since been sold on to another owner)...the kia needed too many repairs to the rocker panels after equinox left i switched exclusively to my f150 but found myself staying local during hunting season due to fuel prices so i searched for something else more suitable for travel and bush trails i am currently fixing up a 2008 awd saturn vue that will be my primary ...and i bought a plow for my f150 so the truck will relegated to work only (so that will also let me dump my other truck that was used exclusively for driveway plowing)
  21. yeah...mb is basically an expensive car wash anytime i was there to pick up parts the mechanics were washing cars lol
  22. covid does not affect my driving habits at all selling my 450 and just using my truck sure does though ...
  23. change the glow plugs mine started just fine down to -30c ..rarely did i ever have to cycle glows twice
  24. inspect for hole on clutch fork while its out
  25. i miss my smart when it comes to gas station visits but members here are constantly reminding me why i sent it off to new owners lol..my coupe was originally a flip idea but when i realized how low buyers interest was i decided to drive it ...i eventually did good plus i liked using it for a year or two and the new owner didnt care that it wasnt certified ....my cabrio was owned by a friend who just didnt want to deal with the headache of selling so i bought it for a super price and fixed that one up good and sold it with certification im currently fixing up an 09 saturn vue awd for hunting season...i remember taking the smart hunting once and the first dirt puddle i hit immediately caused front wheel bearing noise lol.. i think that was the moment i decided to move on to the next set of wheels (which ended up being an equinox if i remember right)