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  1. Here is a tool from another forum I use you put your picture in and you get a code to copy and paste. That should work. Nigel
  2. Excellent colour combination, I like it. One bit of advice is do not let the 12 volt battery go dead. When it does the traction battery will self discharge and you may not be able to recharge the traction battery. The Mercedes fix is to sell you a new battery pack for something like twelve thousand dollars. Put a battery tender on the 12 volt if you are storing the car. Here is a link to another thread to a member with this problem from the other day. By the way welcome to the club Also did you apply for your thousand dollar rebate through Nigel
  3. Here is a link to another forum that is smart electric specific. It is run by MineCooky who is a member here and often chimes in for electric problems. I believe he is in Europe. With his help and significantly less money than the dealer is quoting your car should be salvageable. Nigel
  4. You must remember that you are closer to the rear bumper than you are used to. I don’t think the guys following are necessarily closer to your rear bumper than anybody else’s. Nigel
  5. I agree try the dealer first. I think I bought one there and I also bought a new one off of Glenn. The price wasn’t bad maybe ten or fifteen dollars. Nigel
  6. When testing the actuator out of the car the rod may have come out too far. It will go back in with some effort and a few swear words.
  7. Welcome Ask away there are some very helpful people on the forum. Nigel
  8. In the search box for this site type in “acorn nut” and then you can spend some time reading about an inexpensive fix. Nigel
  9. A good thermostat makes a huge difference as well but we are way off Sydney’s topic. Nigel
  10. Here is the post with pictures of the dash in Wild’s project car. I can’t quite make out what he has in there but if he hasn’t done it he should know how. Shoot him a personal message that will be right in his wheelhouse as they say. Nigel
  11. Happy Birthday Glenn.
  12. 453s could be had with a manual transmission. In North America automatics widely outsell manuals and the 453 didn’t do well here at all so now you understand why you are not getting much response to your question. Nigel
  13. You’re probably not charging enough. Nigel
  14. Venus. Here is a manual. On page 147 there is supposed to be a 12 volt power point to the rear of the hand brake. I’ve never been in a 453 but maybe Car2Go had a different use for the power point. Nigel
  15. I think these are the rims. I don’t think they came on any Canadian cars from the factory but may have been a dealer installed option. One of the guys that have been around since the beginning (Mike T or smart142) will probably no more. Nigel