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  1. I think these are the rims. I don’t think they came on any Canadian cars from the factory but may have been a dealer installed option. One of the guys that have been around since the beginning (Mike T or smart142) will probably no more. Nigel
  2. Probably less than you in my smart and Brenda did 8,000 in her car. I think that works out to about half of what we would normally do. Nigel
  3. I suspect a bad glow plug or two. Mine will start down to at least -5c with a good battery. If it is colder than that I stay home, I’m retired. And Willys Lethbridge is about five hundred km for Izzy
  4. Sydney Here is a link to the owners manual. In there you will find a chart for which grades to use by temperature. Nigel
  5. I think these are the ones but send tolsen a personal message he will be cheaper if he still has them. Nigel
  6. I suspect he is referring to glow plug light. If I remember correctly the light will stay on if one of the plugs has failed. Nigel
  7. Here is Mike’s write up from a few years ago. And the best thread on the problem. Nigel
  8. Check with Glenn in London. (smart142) He may have a good one. They eventually get so bad the door won’t stay closed. Nigel
  9. One of our members MineCooky from Germany has a site specializing in electric smarts. Try contacting him to see if he has knowledge about fixing your problem. In the meantime don’t let the 12 volt battery go dead as that will brick the high voltage battery. MineCooky has a fix for that but it is expensive. Nigel
  10. With a good thermostat you probably don’t need the boost. Down here we are starting to think about AC temps in the mid teens this week. Nigel
  11. This sounds like something you probably are already aware of. The trigger wire connector on the solenoid is known for corrosion and getting a little loose. Something like long needle nose pliers or a pair of forceps could be used to pull off the connector so you can tighten it up. While it is off check for power to the connector when key is turned to start. Nigel
  12. Maybe send him a PM and see if he still has the info and would be willing to sell, copy or even post on this forum. My understanding is Maybach ceased being a stand alone brand and became a trim level for the S class in 2013. Nigel
  13. Sometimes parts are reasonably priced at the dealer.
  14. Glad to see you got back to this project. It bothered me to see it sit in the corner for the whole time since I first met you. Nigel