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  1. Yep. Sure do, Smarter and the "German Shepard"
  2. I lapped the road course with Smarter, back in 2005.
  3. Mike, it looks like you have another German Shepard! Gent, I hope you are enjoying the heck out of the Boxster, but beware of the track days! The Grin will just not come off. Another thing....did anybody mention you can't just have one? Perci2000 Boxster S1989 Carrera 41976 914/41973 914/6
  4. I ran into Reg Riemer from RCTS (The remap folks) and he said he is now performing maintenance on Smarts due to popular demand. I haven't had him work on mine yet, but it would be worth a call to him if nothing else.
  5. Thanks to Smartmom's prod, I can probably make it too. Smarterette, however, will be off stitching.
  6. How embarassing! Missed a meet 2 blocks away!
  7. I'd continue with Buy, Sell, Trade and Self-Promotion to split them into the sub-fora, and until a replacement is found.
  8. Make the tote large enough to hold your largest tire, so you can transport the flat in it without getting your car filthy.
  9. I noticed that smart now have an entries in the dealer "Black Books" to base trade in values on. (I'm able to access it via the Alberta Motor Association web page)The values for a 2005 Pure like mine run about $9100, and for a mythical Passion Cabrio, about $3000 more.(this for what a dealer would offer you as a value, for a trade, private sale is usually higher)I didn't say you'd like it.
  10. Check the Flying Tiger post in Self Promotion. Hard to beat.I change at the first snow...two weeks ago ;)I recommend you change them yourself. That way you know how if you need to. Don't ask how I know that
  11. Both Calgary dealers have love/hate relationships with customers on the fourm. I've dealt with Lone Star, with fair results, but I'd like to convince some of the Mercedes repair independants to take on the regular services. Mr Lube will change the oil, but call ahead to check on filter availability.
  12. I'll take them. PM's to follow.
  13. I use the Imperial at MacLeod and Glenmore (by the Futureshop). Does a lousy job on the back, but no "D-scrimination"
  14. I resemble that remark!
  15. 1)Smart2)ForTwo3)Manual4)A CVT uses pulleys like on a 10 speed bicycle, but way more complex.5)Yes, 799cc, but everybody rounds.6)Gov't These are my guesses, what the gummit wants may vary.