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  1. I sold my green on green cabrio in 2012. I loved how outrageous it was. I have never been a muscle car person. We test drove many brands of cars. Almost bought a yellow convertible, but for shits and giggles test drove a new yellow Camaro. It had the V6 so was only 330 hp and had the 6 speed manual tranny. Same unit Toyota uses in its RWD cars. Like silk to shift. Long story short, bought it. Had the car for 9 years now. I have winter wheels with performance snow tires. Fun car to pop around in. I joke that I think the starter is more powerful than my smart diesel was. PS, car was made in Oshawa
  2. I sold my 2005 cabrio that I have owned since Jan 2005. I test drove an IQ on Sat. I enjoyed it. We would end up just folding down the back seats as even my Jeep back seats are never up. The dog would love it back thereI am only 5'9" so had no headroom issues. Can't say I was crazy about the radio look. So large of a unit for such a small car. The interior space was nice and found the U-turn radius amazing. Engine maintenance looks easy to do.I also drove a Prius C and was very impressed.
  3. I ended my Smart era yesterday when I sold me 7 year 3 month old smart. It had 88,895 kms and has been to 21 states. Enjoy her DaleDuck. Are you still racing pocket bikes?
  4. I received in the mail today the "new edition" of the book. I will have to pull my old copy to see how it changed.
  5. I believe smart142 added paddles to his car. Was not cheapPersonally I love my paddles and use them all of the time
  6. There were a number of smart cars there two years ago. Most were from Canada with a few gray market smarts from the US. My wife and I had a blast. Realize a smart car is a limousine compared to the usual microcars there.There were several smarts in the museum including an original brabus and a crossblade.
  7. 1. 1973 Pontiac Lemans2. 1981 Pontiac Lemans3. 1987 Renault Alliance DL4. 1987 Ford F1505. 1990 VW Golf Diesel6. 1992 Geo Metro7. 1984 Mercedes 190D8. 1991 Chevy Sprint Convertible9. 2000 Saturn SL210. 2000 Suzuki Vitara 4x411. 2005 smart pulse cabrio12. 2007 Suzuki Swift+13. 2007 Jeep Patriot 4x4We usually own 2 or 3 cars at a time. Also have owned about a dozen motorcycles
  8. Very cool. Two points
  9. White Christmas and Allister Sims in A Christmas Carol
  10. That is a 451 so the panels and roof are pretty much indestructible. At the launch they showed a video of a BMX bikes doing runs up and down the car as well as bouncing on the clear roof.Not a bright move though. The headlights could break. Looks like he set off the alarm system
  11. I have a torpedo heater that runs on diesel for my garage. Works wonderful. It is a bit noisy. I put an electric thermostat on the wall to regulate it on and off. When I want to work on a car I park it in the garage, turn on the heat and go inside for 45 minutes. Then I come out and work without a coat. The only thing I find is the humidity builds up from melting snow. I have a power vent and when done vent the garage to get rid of the humidity. Sometimes I will run the vent for a few minutes to clear humidity
  12. The aux cable plugs into the CD Changer outlet.I don't know of any way to have both
  13. That roof may have been "opened" during the rescue
  14. Yes. I had the same thing happen. It definitely starts at 30 days
  15. Saw that this morning. Funny