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  1. One of my mirrors doesn't lock into place as it should it still functional but I want to replace it I went to eBay start looking . I founda lot of really neet aftermarket mirrors but they say they go up to 2005 K450 . What is the difference between that and the 2006 W450 . I understand there is some body panel differences but does that affect the mirror placement or mounting pad? Also does driver position matter when it comes to mounting mirrors?. They are both electrical adjustable.
  2. I nightrun che abbiamo sono canadesi. Non sono sicuro di come siano numerati i modelli europei. Le auto canadesi non si presentano come modelli Brabus quando controlli il Vin. Queste sono le informazioni che mi ha fornito la concessionaria.
  3. I had a quick question about what this car has on it it seems like an extra extension to the rear end I was looking for a trailer hitch for my 450 which I found out I guess it doesn't exist I have to make my own and I saw this and I thought it was neat but what is it ?where did he get it ?it's connected to a forum but it doesn't really say anything about it
  4. Where can I get it remapped? is it something I can do with a personal programmer,(if so what brand or company should I look at) or is it something I have to take it to a shop for? . Also is there a good source for parts like the brabus suspension or other performance parts for the 450 . So far all i can find are oem and body panels .
  5. I was lucky enough to get a hold of #44 Maybe I'm not looking in the right spot but information on these is not as prevalent as I thought it would be. Correct me if I'm wrong but this is just an aesthetic package right? The engine is still a 40 horsepower 74 foot pound diesel engine.