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  1. Thanks jwight I’ve had similar problems with my Saab and it was the abs ring as well so hopefully it will solve the problem.
  2. Hi Guys! I'm new here and swedish to, so please bare with me I have a 451 from 2007 with the 84hp engine. Suddenly the car wont accelerate, if i put the car into neutral the engine respond like it should but as soon as i switch to "Drive" the engine go to idle. Iv'e tried to disconnect the battery and after a couple of minutes the car runs like normal until next time i stop, then i goes back to the behavior again. I think that this is som kind om "Limp Mode" to protect the engine or something else, could that be true? I've attached an OBD2-meter and the result is a new fault code (see attachment C1220) The fault codes regarding the lambda has been there for a time now so i don't think that they are the one connected to this problem. So now my question! That specific fault code is something with ABS as far as i can see, is there any well known errors regarding the ABS system in the 451? Note! It's cold and snowing here in Sweden at the moment, so the ESP-system works over time and i wonder if this could be an error connected to a sensor or something similar.