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  1. " but please dont use air on the piece you are repairing" Why not?
  2. Interesting, Do you actually think blowing into a bottle will change the temperature inside that bottle? Unless there's a hole for the air to escape from this won't work. A good joke demonstrating stupidity from the writer to the viewer.
  3. I tried your technique to remove transistors and resistors off a circuit board and it works fantastic! Good tip! thanks BillyB
  4. Hi there, would anyone know where or how the door light switch is located? Seems to stay on during when the temp drops below freezing. I had to remove the light /combo switch under the radio to stop it from staying on and draining my battery ­čśÉ
  5. M'm 9m in English is about 30 feet. So you can carry a 30 ft ladder? Sounds like horse sh#t to me but who knows maybe to the scotts 1 foot coversion equals 1 inch? Now that would be believable. I can carry a 10ft ladder in the front seat. It looks like this. And a fridge in the back too.
  6. Found the details of how to make this trailer and lm going to have one made. Spoke to a few guys at a car hop and l couldnt believe how many positive comments were made. I was even surprised of the how many of these were made.. Most of the guys were commenting on how ideal it is for a small car with little to no rear storage space. I have to move a fridge to my mother in laws next month.Hopefully it will be finished by then.
  7. Hard to say, he flew by so quickly. The car was red color.
  8. I couldnt find any info on this site. Does anyone know where l can buy one for my smartcar? I saw something on a site for VW's and other cars but not Smartcars. Looks like it was originally made back in the 40's?
  9. Its an electric quadcycle. Not a car but more of a motorcycle category. I wouldnt go around corners with this over 50 km. It will roll!
  10. You've got an eye for details!
  11. Found this on the site to help explain it
  12. What a gas! A smartcar passed me on the highway with what looked like a single wheel trailer at the back. As i tried to speed up to get a closer look this guy flew off like he had a six pack in it. Has anyone seen this or was i hallucinating?
  13. Why not just turn the egr around so as to block the exhaust gas flow? It is easier than trying to get those bolts out to put a blanking plate