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  1. Thanks Horonlad. I will try tomorrow and will comment here. Thks
  2. Thank you Huronlad for your response I am the third owner and my son the second The transmission control unit software has never been updated as far as I know Battery is two years old and works good
  3. My 2008 Smart Fortwo Passion automatic transmission has 128k and it had been working excellent, it is nice and in very clean conditions, I love it 4 months ago driving on the 403 near Toronto Canada with intense traffic, gears started to change up and down, up and down so in one of those standing still traffic moments I put it in neutral position and then in drive position and it didn't go, I turned off and on and gears didn't change from neutral; I turned off again and then it never even started again I took it to M-Benz dealership in Mississauga (Canada) for a diagnostic and quote and they said: Front computer to be replaced Gears motor to be replaced Starter to be replaced All this came to $3,500.00 CAD plus tax which is almost the value of the vehicle so they said it is not worth to do the repair The question is, can I repair the car in a cost -efficient economical way? Should I sell it as is? Can you help me and repair it? I would appreciate your advice