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  1. will an abs/traction control fault code on a 451caused by broken reluctor rings clear by itself like a 450, or do i need to clear it with a scanner? thanks.
  2. whats your thoughts on a foxwell NT510?
  3. i must have another issue somewhere, been driving the car for a few days. fault is still there. time to buy a good scanner. ICARSOFT probably.
  4. just an FYI, and i am sure everyone already knows about this. i watched a few videos on people having a hard time removing the top nut to remove the strut to replace the front springs, because of the angle it seems really hard to get an impact gun on it. i just noticed that if you remove the plastic trim panel at the bottom of the windshield, there are access holes that will give almost a straight line access with an extension to the nuts.
  5. are the sway bar bushings the same between a 450 & 451? thanks.
  6. replaced the strut mount bushings, took it for a little spin around the neighbor and i still notice a bit of a clunk in the front end, i had my son rock the car side to side and bingo. sway bar bushings are shot. make another call to tomorrow and hopefully have them by friday.
  7. looking for the tach & clock pods for a 451. mine is a 2008 model. thanks.
  8. i was thinking roadster rims also. nice looking rims
  9. no, coolant leak is a problem all by itself. great to hear that the replacement actuator is working fine. how bad is the coolant leak? water pump replacement is... (how should i word it correctly)... not very fun. lol
  10. Replaced broken spring. (yes I should have done both) but supper easy to change. Ordered new strut mounts yesterday from, they just arrived. Going to change them tomorrow.
  11. i could be wrong (correct me if i am), but i didn't think the 450 cdi's (05/06) have a yaw sensor.
  12. what happened when it acted up? hard banging shift, stall, yellow triangle & mabey 3 bars? have you tried it with the replacement actuator yet? hopefully you got it pretty cheap off e-bay.
  13. Are your glow plugs even working? Any check engine light on? Car should fire pretty easy at +5.
  14. i am looking into what oil to use for my 451 gasser. i currently use Mobil 1 0W40 european blend in my 450 CDI. and when i google the correct oil for my 451, it also recommends Mobil 1 0W40. whats every ones thoughts? thanks.
  15. Has anyone ever tried to sand then repaint their plastic roof? Mine is flaking pretty bad and makes the car look like crap. I was thinking about trying to sand it then spray it with a rattle can. I guess I can't make it look much worse.
  16. majority of things are back together now, started the car to make sure it still runs. luckily everything seems fine. just have to replace the cracked reluctor rings then throw the axles back in. just waiting on the new rear springs to arrive.
  17. So the starter came for the 2008 i picked up during the summer for $250.00. I installed the starter and the car fired up first click. But there is a horrible racket coming from the engine at idle. If I give it a bit of fuel, the noise goes away and she idles perfectly. Any thoughts? I am more into the 450's so I didn't really plan on keeping this anyway.
  18. new clutch arrived last night, now to start putting her back together. i said i was going to sell it, but i guess it wouldn't hurt to keep just one more. lol
  19. Great to hear. (nice to see there are still plenty of smarts zipping around the roads of Nova Scotia)
  20. what a beautiful looking car...
  21. did your abs & orange triangle warning lights come on also? i had pretty well the exact same problem a couple of years ago with my 05, i removed, cleaned, lubed the clutch actuator. the problem never happened again. also my preload on my actuator was way off.
  22. ordered the sachs clutch & pressure plate today from rockauto. $500 to my door is a bit hard to swallow for a car i only paid $250 for. but i know the break even point on this car, and i still think i will be able to flip in and make some money. car will have a new starter, new clutch/pressure plate/clutch fork, new front and rear springs, and complete 4 wheel brake job.
  23. remove injector retainers, then crank the engine by hand. see if the injectors get pushed out. should give you an idea if you have good compression in all 3 cyl.
  24. i wonder if the pressure plate & disc are the same between a 450cdi and a 451 gasser....
  25. Going to order a new SACS replacement from