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  1. Use fluid film on them to store, brake clean to remove when you plan to use. Fluid film is basically what they use on the new ones to preserve them till sold. A light spray is all they need for yrs of storage providing they are wrapped up or bagged.
  2. Never heard of a diesel fuel float sticking, gas yes. I'll start by cleaning the ground wire as most fuel gauge failures are due to bad grounds and since these cars are plagued with grounding issues due the math. You'll have to follow the wires from the tank to find were the ground attaches to the car. Maybe someone here knows its location.
  3. Brought mine home on a single wide snowmobile trailer. Had to put a cple pcs of 2x6 under the back tires as they were about 4" wider than the bed and the edge sticks up a cple inches with a 1/8" thick wall
  4. I just connect to the factory wires leaving the factory plug in place unless you plan to use the factory radio else where. Normally I would run all new wires power and speaker wires to ensure correct trouble free operation of after market radios. I bought one of those adapter plugs to cheat an after market radio and the wires were connected wrong and fried an expensive unit but I had done a few before that were fine.
  5. Start by cleaning all your body ground wires in the engine bay> Also check the main ground cable (Braided) wire one that goes from the block down under the motor to the frame or maybe the control arm they tend to deteriorate over time even just sitting. Also check if the fuel pump is running. Could also disconnect the fuel line to be sure you have fuel flow It's where I would start.
  6. Rock Auto has a kit 2 rotors with pads for $55.77 cdn plus shipping.
  7. Hook + lead of charger onto the starter and - to frame or block. That will allow battery to charge or may give you enough juice to power door locks should a charger be large enough or hook up a jump battery same way.
  8. welcome aboard
  9. here's the one outta my parts car. the front edge is on the right. wires from left to right are. red- green tracer or line if you prefer blue- purple tracer blue brown- white tracer green black red- black tracer brown non of mine have AC if it was me I would have gotten the plugs from the donor car with a cple inches of wire the just spliced them in following the colors. this is from an 06 450 my 05 looks the same color code wise.
  10. I just use a tape measure with a line on the tires with a White paint pen. Measure front n back and get it 1/8" shorter in the front then the back. Last yr I replaced wheel bearing upper n lower ball joints and all the tie rods on a buddies Jeep Wrangler with monster murder tires and set it this way. Told him it was just a rough setting till he could get it into the alignment shop. Guy there put it on the rack and said it was within 1mm of perfect. Not bad for a back yard job.
  11. I'm 61 years old and still ask What can I do with it? Guess I never grew up either.
  12. Took me awhile to actually get to fixing this. First off with everything else that needed doing this yr then rain or excessive heat finally got the wind up car outta the winter storage and down to my massive outdoor gravel covered work shop today. As I had no fuel coming out the line at the high pressure pump and could hear the pump running I assumed the fuel filter was plugged. Got it jacked up and on stands and removed the back belly pan. Took off the old filter then turned on the key yep nice steady stream of fuel coming out the line. Took a hose and hooked to old filter and couldn't barley blow through it, so plugged filter. Go find the new one I bought last yr that was stored were you can get it when needed right. About 2 hrs later in the tractor shed I spot it hiding behind my can of diesel conditioner. Get the pump line hooked up turn on the key and bleed the filter, once fuel is coming out the other port on filter turn off key and finish install on the filter then turn key on and bleed lines till its following nicely then reattach the return line. Time to fire it up after 7 months in hibernation. Turn on key crank it over and it's alive for about 17 seconds n dies, now nothing on a couple tries to start. Take return line off high pressure pump turn key on no fuel again. Crawl under her again remove filter and pull supply hose off again and try key nothing. now I can't hear pump any more. So I checked fuses all tested good. So I looked through the site to see how to do the fuel pump relay upgrade. I have lots of relays and wiring loom plugs I've taken from many things over the years and wired it in. Turn on key confirmed fuel flow yep, hooked up all the lines again and tried to start. Fired right up ran nice n smooth. Put the bottom pan back on and since it was up in the air any how I lubbed up the actuator with 3n1 oil under the boot and a little lithum grease, and sprayed the alternator down with WD40. So after 6 n 1/2 hrs get it off the jack stands and take her for a run. Seams a lot quicker off the line so as I've got a radar speed sign set up in the park I stepped out a 110 ft and from a standing start she got upto 47 kph at about the 100 ft mark in 1st gear which is just shy of my Jeep Liberty that managed 53 kph in the same test. Just glad to finally have my windup toy going again.
  13. Bosch was a top of the line tool yrs ago not so much lately. I've had a cple Bosch corded tools 30+ ys ago. The 2ah batteries are short lived on anything. I run 18v Makita tools. The sawsall is hard on batteries regardless but a 4ah battery gives it respectful life. I run 4ah battles or bigger in all of them Have the 1/2" drill, 1/4" impact driver, sawsall, grease gun, hedge trimmer, 1/2 hammer drill, 1/2" impact gun, jig saw and 4" circular saw. They tend to take all the abuse I throw at them. Built a roof over deck last yr and over 2 days made all the cuts and drove 5 1/2 boxes 4" screws with 2 Makita 1/4" impacts that's close to 10,000 screws plus 50 1/2 x 8" lag bolts and 2000 steel roofing screws. They never missed a beat. I build on average 10 -12 decks plus other jobs a yr and I'm now going on 5yrs for these tools. Batteries last about 3 yrs. Don't run a battery till it's dead it'll kill them quickly. As you can see I'm to invested in Makita tools to make a change to something else. I've tried a Dewalt 18v yrs ago and it didn't last long in comparison to the Makita so went back to what I liked. If I didn't have as much in Makita I'ld be looking a the Milwalkee fuels which IMO are even better. Rigid (sp) that Home Depot sells, had and may still have a lifetime warranty even on the batteries, they are a decent home owner line at a lower cost. Black n Decker are fine for the guy who has all yr to get done what I can do in a day with mine and they are cheap too. Stay away from the china stuff you can get really cheap at clearance, discount or flea market type places. The main reason I like Makita is they only have one line of tools everyone else has multiple brands they make at the same time, ex Dewalt also make Black n Decker plus a few more, and their quality dropped once they acquired BnD too. Good luck.
  14. 1844 - The gasoline engine was patented by Stuart Perry. The start of all our woes.
  15. Years ago I always replaced the steering wheel in my cars to a Grant smooth wood rim. This was done A) for looks and B ) the after market wheel was usually dished deeper and with the adapter required to Mount then it got the wheel a few inches closer to me which was a more comfortable position for me. They still make aftermarket wheels but you lose the air bag. As most if not all cars have an air bag in the wheel I don't even know if an adapter is made that would fit a Smart. Did one of the Smart models come with a sports/ralley like steering wheel that might give you some extra length the Brabus comes to mind but don't know what was used on them. Hopefully someone on here can answer that. The newer style wheels which I've only put on golf carts has a ring that can be replaced for a longer or shorter reach if wanted just by swapping them see pic below for an example. And welcome to the site.