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  1. Im wondering if there is a common denominator between cold weather, thick diesel and fuel pump strain/load to push syrupy diesel. Are the folks with the board problem from below zero climates driving smarties through winter....
  2. Here's another. I had a really close look with both large and small magnifying apparatus. I saw nothing remarkable. The board appears brand new with no evidence of discoloration or weird physics anywhere.
  3. Here is the board, which seems to be looking pretty good. Willys, do you see anything I might be missing?
  4. OK well here goes, then. Have a pretty sexy solder set up so will just go get a sucker for the R & R. I shall report dutifully. Over for now. Standby! And thanks for setting up tomorrow for me! haha
  5. Well boys the SAM pins are perfect; is this aiming at a cracked solder connection on the SAM board? This car has lived an easy life indoor-stored in a no snow climate, rarely driven even in rain. Girl-driven 78,000 k., full services. Getting lined up on the STAR with Izzy.... Should a guy wait and see if better clues with STAR diagnostics or run at the SAM board? Is the board failure so common its an odds-on fave? Hate to tear things all apart shootin' blind.... thanks in advance boys.
  6. Hello Stickman,

    Willys and the boys told me to ring you up on some STAR advice ie. where to get one....

    Any thoughts? I'm located in Victoria and see you're in Edmonton where I lived for 23 years. Go Oilers! :)

    1. stickman007


      I used to do STAR setup for members, but the last one I got screwed over really good by AliExpress. Kinda don’t want to take that risk anymore. There’s lots of info here on CsC and mhhauto.com. There used to be a lot of “hacking” and custom work to get it all working, but not anymore.

  7. Excellent, Willys, thx. Was hoping you would see this one, wise sage. Doubt there is a fundamental issue in HP fuel pump just yet with only 76k's (lived in garage most of its life) but, based on the above, I will grab the pump from the parts car and apply your magic to it, be ready for battlefield transplant. On the scan matter, last time I needed help Stealership said 'call us in about 8 weeks and we will see if we can fit you in'. That led me to this site and my brand new fave hobby, several years ago now. I read on this site full time, listen close to you boys. Standby for results report! Thx again!
  8. Beauty. Thanks Nigel will take your advice wholly. Sounds an awful lot like a no-voltage to fuel pump deal because when it comes back to life it runs perfect, light or heavy load, then quits cold like a wire fell off. First stop with your great advice, will be to check all earthing points, then on to pin#10. Be sure to disconnect ground at battery. We are so sold on these little guys we have a bunch of them in the family, we're all hooked on 10 foot u-turns in a city with small roads! So proper scanning for the fleet sounds like it could save time. Will be sure to make the ever-important report back on findings!
  9. Hi Boys, I wondering if there is anyone on Vancouver Island with a STAR for a quick scan on my daughters car. Its an intermittent stall, no-start condition that has the fingerprints of the corroded fuel pump connection in the SAM. Ive driven it a while and finally got it to quit today so before I go rippin and tearin, thought a STAR scan might be wise. Based on what Ive read on this in here this condition can go one of many ways. I did a regular scan a few weeks ago and got a P0087 code, then cleared it and drove it until failure. With this recent no-start, no codes showed with a conventional scanner. The dealer in Victoria is functionally unavailable. I would sure take some advice on how to buy/organize a STAR set-up, too. Thanks in advance Boys.
  10. You're on your way to some kind of record. Any major surgery on motor to get there? freshening?
  11. Howbout that. Well, I will make a point of checking the temps and keep track. It does heat ok but it has to work to do so....thks good comment....
  12. Your system is outstanding, Nobel over to you for that one.... I think both systems accomplish the same expulsion objective. The difference is yours routes the chemistry through the combustion chamber one more time before finally gone. Both send it through exhaust pipe. I was interested in avoiding that bit of recycling with a more direct route. All going back to nature. Could be my imagination but I would swear the engine runs cooler and heats up slower since this went on. Have to run it on the highway now to get more than 62C.
  13. So after the eddymap, EGR out, emulator, and all the other preemptive mods, the catch can went in to keep little Smartie's guts clean. The breather filter on top of the can was huffing like a steam engine and creating a bit of a StinkySmart spectacle at the stoplights when white ghostly mist curled out from underneath the car after filling engine compartment. I re-routed some plumbing (joined the top and out port in a Tee) and shot the whole business out a silly little invention I thought would both re-heat the engine steam (hyper-vaporize, if such a word exists) and expel if not suck it out. It seems to work with no notice of aftermarket hijinx at the tailpipe. Im thinking if there is periodic vacuum on the steam pipe, it will draw simple exhaust and no muck can gain entry. Im going to do a few oil flushes to tidy things up and watch the oil afterwards. I did this prior to reading several involved posts on the removal of those gasses. Tolsen has nailed it but Im not Smartypants enough to build his cyclone. This might just be a cheap facsimile of a reasonable solution. Shes a happy little girl getting 80 plus mpg, almost 90 at times and seems to love life. Have I done it wrong? Curious to hear from all you Smartscientists. Cheers from Victoria.
  14. So one final post on the enduring limp mode mystery. The limp disappeared when I put the rebuilt EGR back in. The only other variable ttherefore, was the Polish emulator. I wondered if some sleepy worker put the wrong number tags on the wires for the emulator. I swapped wires around according to what might have been the easiest mistake to make and the colors of the wires and Presto! the dreaded limp vanished! So the little smart Ferrari is once again cheeky, perky and snorting around town with dangerous attitude. Thanks for all your input chaps and this is my new favorite reading of all time.