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  1. Hi, new to the forum. Just bought a 451 Night Orange Cabrio and have a couple of concerns. The brake pedal seems quite stiff to operate. It works OK but it needs quite a firm boot to operate, like a go kart; more force than any other car I have owned. I have searched the web for answers and it points to possibly the vacuum pipe on the brake assist. However I think the assist is working as I pumped the brake with the engine off and when I started the engine the brake pedal depressed indicating some assistance. Now trouble is I do not have a reference, not having another car to compare against. I am sure I didn't notice stiff brakes on other cars I test drove but can't be certain. Can someone reassure me the brake pedal ishould be/can be as light as any other car make? I wondered whether there is a linkage that needs oiling or something. My wife drove it for the first time last night and said she didn't like the car for this very reason. I do have another issue which I will post separately. Appreciate any advice