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  1. Met with Uncle Glenn and dropped car off to him. Great guy and very knowledgeable. Now Smartie is in his hands.
  2. yes have reached out to him, I mam much better on Peterbilts and Kenworths than these little motors..lol
  3. Alternator good no pulse at injectors
  4. Thanks have been around this site for a short time. Purchased a 2005 Four two 450 CDI Convertible for my daughter. It was a non running car when we purchased it, would crank over but not fire. Just after we purchased car my brother in law died, the last one to see the car, my daughter was close to him, so now we really want to get this car working, and not discard it for a running one. So after doing some digging, and purchasing a parts car as well, noticed a few things. I initially have no pulse at the injectors but plenty of fuel pressure at rail. If I disconnect batteries for a bit, clear codes P201 or P202 etc all faulty circuit. After reconnecting batteries I get a pulse for 5-6 seconds then nothing. My feeling is ECM is getting bad signal or no signal from bad crank case sensor and shutting down injectors to protect from over fueling injectors. I have not been able yet to get old crank case sensor out, as bolt is seized. In process had plastic fitting that connects fuel line to high pressure pump break, trying to locate part for that. Any help out there would be appreciated, reside in Oxford County Ontario Canada, willing to two to location for repair. I also have a used SAM unit and ECM from parts car, with extra parts willing to trade for partial services.