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  1. Wow tolsen, never expected this. You obviously know how to teardown a transmission which is beyond my competencies. How would I know if there is water contamination in the oil ? I would imagine water droplets would show at the top ?.. What's the best way to check for this ? Were I to change the oil, reading this article on the topic , I would argue that ATF is the best choice over 75w90 (pls advise). ps: I am new to Smart cars, so bear with me, pls. Thanks for the pictures ! Will have to put this on the agenda, likely to cost more than the value of this car, unless I can find a friendly specialist.... Sorta wonder about the reason for these rubber seals. Bad design ?
  2. Hi ! Facing the same dilema, recently bought a 2005 CDI with 55,000 km. No clue if the transmission oil was ever changed... car history is foggy at best... What do you suggest ?
  3. Hi Famous, I am facing same problem (only one key, needing a spare). I don't understand what you mean by "with five" (typo ?) Anyways, I will likely face the same cut&program issue. Looking for one in Montreal area. Thanks !