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  1. This morning i thing it died, it got stuck in 3 than it was normal N after and no gear would work, so i went to mechanics they change the accumulator and it seems fine now, i still have to try the 5 gear in high way. Thanks everybody for the tips and held. They considered that accumulator did not needed a clean so i changed it.
  2. Automatik, I have tried to shift down manually 2 times from 5 to 4, and it did it once
  3. May be i will check that too. I will try other mechanics by monday. and let know
  4. I have one problem in the car sorry for my ignorance but i do not know the english name, It is the sensor in the tube close to air filter, the wires ar cut off, i could not repair it this time, the mechanics sow it, i doubt it has to with this. I know that this sensor puts more air or less according to the need of the car and impacts thrust speed fuel save. I got the check motor lamp two months ago and probably that was broken around that time. The mechanic tells me you need to change the clutch and the clutch actuator (they refer to this as the robot) but they do not have star and they did not even diagnoses with any thing just listening t the sounds that makes clutch actuator ( very funny) I will try to explain to them what you guys are suggesting, Thank you every body for taking the time to write. Really appreciate it. They are asking 500 Euro to replace clutch actuator and clutch, including mand work. I do not know it the clutch is original. Is the original one Sachs?
  5. I do not get the three bars, I have been driving the last two days seems fine. I have realised that it does only when the fifth gear is in high motor rotation like 2500- 2900 rpm and the road ahead is a decent and i need to break to slow down. Only in one place near a exit on a high way it does this. BUt one thing is sure that it was doing it once in e month now it does more often once in 3 days in the same spot. DUring a period of 6 months only two time it happened in other places.
  6. After sever times i learne d how tonreset the oil change, but hwen the two 🔧 come they come just for the moment when they desepaear i can run thw car normally, amd i do not have them anymore jn deshbiard
  7. Yep 🔧 wrenches, sorry for confusion, i just did not know the right word.
  8. Thank you for the quick reply. The two keys i do not have them all the time, i understand what they are for, but they come only when this problem happens. Anyway i thought there is a info that might click into smth. "clutch actuator for correct pressure and movement" i do not have any clear idea what amd where is this part, but i google it but could not find any info how to check the pressure. If you have any link please send. Thanks a lot for the support. The local mechanic told me to change the clutch, but i was not sure.
  9. I have a smart for two, 2008 diesel, automatic trasmition, 800cc 146k km around 105k miles. The gears shif smoothly and car working fine, when in high way in 5 gear about 85 miles, i breake to take an exit the gear shift to N adn twe keys apear. I turn of the key whait for lights off and it atart fine some times may be two time i have to turn off. In the city it runs fine, only when you are in 5 gear and with high motor performance it does that and not every time. It is a funny problem and i really can not thing of any solution, i do not know if smth like this happened to anyone. Pls share if you had similar problem or might have and idea what might be the problem. Thank you.