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  1. Supposed to be glorious all week this week! Swapping for Roadster engine.
  2. Dropped engine and gearbox today
  3. Guessing that the cooler air is more dense so more air is entering the engine.. more air more fuel more power!!
  4. No sump plug, so you have to extract via dipstick tube.. the pump I use is in the photo of inside my van.. 6.5L capacity.. the replacement engine I have has had the sump off (presumably when the timing chain was done) and has a sump plug welded in. I am guessing a larger intercooler would cool the intake air down more than a smaller one, like a bigger radiator is more effective than a small unit at cooling the water.
  5. I have a screw on adaptor and filter on the engine that's currently in the car.. when I swap engines I'll switch the adaptor over too. There's a company over here that supply a front mounted oil cooler kit..
  6. Yeah sure.. is it not the same as the one on the cdi?
  7. I will be running it from my existing ecu so the power will be the same until it gets a remap.. to around 81bhp or possibly higher.. the roadster engine has stronger internals apparently, an oil cooler as standard and also a larger turbo exhaust. Apart from these it's the same engine that's coming out.
  8. Hi.. I am a fork lift truck engineer so am used to rolling around on the floor and working in tight spaces.. I don't really want to drop the whole lot as I have heard the brakes can be a nightmare to bleed with the abs? Fitting a Roadster engine..
  9. Are these bolts needed when dropping the engine and gearbox but leaving brakes, suspension etc on the car? I have 2x 1m M12 threaded rod here ready..
  10. The 453 was developed alongside Renault.. uses Renault engines and gearboxes.. I used to have a Clio with that manual gearbox in it years ago. Pretty much the same set up as a Renault Captur 0.9T
  11. The alternator is not ok if it's putting out 18V whilst running. This would definitely be my starting point in diagnosing this issue.
  12. I have finally had my paddle shift wheel coded today at an independent MB specialist. I had to tell them about the white / black connector swap under the dash though
  13. Voltage DC or VDC. Put your red probe on positive (+) battery terminal and black on negative (-). You should have the readings I quoted earlier.
  14. Check the alternator output at the battery itself.. engine not running should be around 12V.. with the engine running it can range from 13.5 - 14.5V.. but should obviously read higher voltage than when engine is stopped.
  15. The alternators are in an exposed position in the lower wheel arch and it's common for them get full of moisture being thrown up from the road and seize up, particularly if the car is then left standing for a while. I'd be looking in that area.