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  1. We have very good inventory of used and rebuild parts. Give us a try on those discontinued items. We are also slowly expending the coverage of rebuilt parts. And of course, we can get anything new that is still available.
  2. For your protection and ease of mine. Members of Flying Tiger Development has taken the first shot available for COVID-19. Let's do our part!
  3. We have several used ones available for additional storage.
  4. Due the the unstable climate around the world in the past year. Imported part prices are very unpredictable. Some may have a surprise increase of up to 50%. Shipping and availability are probably part of the attribute. So we like to apologize in advance for any price quote can be uphold only at the time of quotation. Price listed on our online shop may not be accurate at the date of purchase. We will try to accommodate within reasons. Even if we are not making a profit. But we will not honour a sale at a lost. We hope this situation will change in the not too far future. Thank you for your understanding.
  5. Over 15 years since the first smart landed in Canada. Even longer when I was at the launched in Frankfurt. Several models was introduced in many limited configurations were sold. Like many iconic vehicles. Austin mini, Volkswagen Beetle, Toyota AE86, Mercedes-Benz 300SL gullwing, Porsche 911. These original models are destine to be a collector car someday. For those who have the means to keep some of these vehicles in pristine condition even with high mileage. Someday their decedents could own a piece of history. Flying Tiger have the ability to help you up keep your modern classic smart car into a future collector car. Restore your smart car now before some parts maybe discontinued forever.
  6. Brand new in the box.
  7. Be safe, healthy, and prosperous in the year of the ox!
  8. Some of you might have know this for a while now. The Vredestein Quatrac 5 is a all-weather tire. (Not a all-season tire) It is winter approved with the snow flake marking on it. Flying Tiger carries all the sizes for all the models of smart cars sold in North America. That include: 450, 451, and 453. It is a very quiet, comfortable, and grippy tire for dry, wet, and snow. Contact us for your special tire size needs.
  9. We like to wish everyone a safe and memorable holiday season! Although most of us have to keep our distance physically. We can however make the best of new technologies to bring long distance contacts in front to our face. Since that we really should be travel restricted. The Flying Tiger team will stay put and open for business virtually and physically throughout Christmas and New Year. (Except for the obvious days) If you have essential automotive needs. We will be here to help. Happy Holidays!
  10. For 7 days only! 450 cdi remap $300 451 Sprint Booster $320 453 true dual outlet exhaust $1625. (will require Brabus rear valence. Sold separately)
  11. Hope everyone is staying well and healthy. As we are supposed to be more distanced and less traveled. Mail order has been helping a lot of people with their needs while staying home. Our online shop has been serving the smart community since 2004. We have probably one of the largest parts list for smart cars online. Shipping all around the world. OEM parts; used parts; and accessory parts.Knowledgeable and helpful information as well. Either you are a handyman, or the garage that you go to cannot find what they need locally. We are here to help. Please contact us through our email. We do not check private message often.
  12. 450 -Remap (fastest and most reliable in the Canadian market) hands down. 451 -Sprint Booster (efficient and safe) 453 -True Dual Outlet Exhaust (sporty sound and low restriction) Upgrading and servicing smart cars in Canada since 2004.
  13. We have many used parts for 450, 451, and some 453 models. Contact us for your needs. We also have a number of factory blow off parts like 450 Brabus dampers set, 450 cd-changer, 451 S-Mann body styling, etc. Check out our website or send us an email.
  14. Summer, all-weather, and winter tires for 450, 451, 453, and roadsters. Order early in case of shortage into the season. With many factories were closed for several months. We are not sure how much is available this winter. Winter wheel packages are available for all models. Visit
  15. Driving a smart ED/EQ does not have to be boring.