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  1. If I recall correctly, it depends a bit on the dealer you're at. So I would ask different dealers.
  2. Yes. You could also get a wallbox.. the wall plug cables aren't designed to be a long term solution.
  3. Newer ons got one. The wire from the temperature sensor of the wall plug But the old one of the smart 451 does not. Perfect, that's how it should be.
  4. How and what do you mean by "they don't like to pay any ev cars that the HV battery is opened"?
  5. That's the easiest way to fix it. You can also use such an opportunity, to upgrade the plug. Get one which is rated for more amps.
  6. What's the history on the car? Helps us guessing what might be wrong and how you could identify and later fix it.
  7. No, I don't think replacing the sensor caused the problem.
  8. At least I haven't shipped any for the new smart overseas. Only the one for the old smart (2012 - 2016). So I doubt there is already anybody with one in Canada / USA.
  9. How did you make the test? The tester never gives something in percent. Of course, it could be, that the SOH got better again. Maybe not cells where bad, but just unbalanced. Do you have a measurement of the cells from back when it showed 34,6 Ah?
  10. The smartEQfortwo as a snow clearing and street gritting vehicle. What sounds strange at first is actually regularly used by various snow plowing services in Germany. It all started back in 2010, when snow was still moved with a conventional combustion engine smart cars.Since winter 2020/21, all-electric smartEQfortwo have also been equipped with snow plows. There are also rear gritters to make the smart plow truck complete. Everything is Made in Germany and also has full street approval.In this blog post I would like to take a closer look at this system, tell you how it came about and why it is used. Of course, I'm also going into how it works in connection with the smart EQ. The electric smart as a snow plow truck PS: I though I'd share it with you guys. If such a post isn't okay, feel free to remove it.
  11. Exactly. 52 Ah are when the battery is new, my smart had them, back then. 34,6 Ah is pretty bad. Are you the first owner of the smart?
  12. A friend of mine uses his smart ED all the time to tow cars around his workshop. He says it's the perfect car for the job. Small and powerful.
  13. Just came by this form as a reader of mine told me about it. Here's three topics, which should help this thread a bit: The rumor about the € 17,000 replacement battery (European pricing, should be similar to Canada) smart ED3 17.6kWh battery repair (feat. P18051C / bricked BMS) smart ED3 17.6kWh Battery - Accumotive E18-1 Teardown & Analysis Here's the short version of everything: The battery does not cost > $ 20.000. That's the price for it, if you buy a battery as replacement part without giving back your dead battery. If you get it replaced you'll get a refund for your dead battery. This way it's still expensive, but nowhere close such high numbers. Daimler does this, so new replacement batteries won't end up in power walls or such things. Repairing a battery isn't that much rocket science. In the the two blog posts about the battery I'm showing how it works and what's where. I'm also explaining how you can repair everything that could break. HV contractors, the fuse, BMS and also the individual battery modules.