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  1. All the Smart's i see in Mabitoba some one of you have to be on here ?
  2. After the last year Me & The wife would be into this with Eleanor .
  3. Looking to sell or trade these sport rims for 2 factory rears .. These rims are 16inch. They are located in Manitoba. Pm me for details . Thanks in advance.
  4. Well if anyone wants to Trade these for 2 rear factory 9 spoke let me know. Located in Manitoba.
  5. If anyone can let me know anything about these rims . Thanks in advance
  6. Like the title says looking for a obd2 . & Please save the Scan Gauge 2 comments. Not interested in this product. Is the Delphi DS150e VCI snooper like vcds for vw ? Or any scanner recommended that wont jump odometer.
  7. Thank you very much Nigel. I messaged Tolsen 4days ago still waiting for a reply. If he does not reply soon i will go this route.
  8. Need some reluctor rings if anyone has a link to the ones in England?