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  1. Well all..Finally got it working.. seems there was power at the starter solenoid wire. Push it back on the spade connector at the solenoid and it started.. thanks to all for he help and support..
  2. Thanks I am going through everything..
  3. Came from Canada, i replace the silver box and seems to be working. Yea need carpets out and take care of the rust.. agree.. once I understand the electrical.. everything else will come along.. Again really appreciate it all.. will try an post the fix for everyone.. seems this no crank issue is common.. but everyone seems to get wrapped up with replacing starter or alternator being frozen.. so we shall see.. Dale.. 👍
  4. Thanks so much.. will keep me busy.. have checked the sams grounding strap ..one eye with many wires climp together. Looks ok and to be solid. No doubt the wiring under capet is a must to look at since this car has heavy rust do to leaks etc.. any ways.. an real electrical diagram, would greatly help.. lol.. again thanks..
  5. When the key is turned, I get the N on the dash and fuel pump comes on while trying to start the car. As mention before.. i can hot wire direct to starter and the car will start.. clearly there could be lots of issues. Since I don't know much about these cars Some say it could be a brake switch, or netural switch , who know what else is between the and switch relay.
  6. No power to the wire.... no corrosion .. so my thinking is the relay isnt working for some reason. Like i said the fuel pump is running, wonder if the relay can be replaced off the sams board? My guess it might be hard wired/soldered?
  7. So.. have a w450 diesel. Turn key on get he N ready to start. Turn the key to start and engine won't crank but I can hear the fuel pump come on and then go off after a few secs. Tried several times. Have hot wire direct 12volts to starter soleniod and it cranks and starts. Also noticed, glow plugs come on for just a second. My thinking is the starter relay which I think is #5 relay on the sam board. Not sure if irreplaceable? Oh, fuse no 1 is good. Please help..